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Friday 7/15/16

Happy Friday!!

Couple of things to remember for tomorrow: 1.) Regular classes are cancelled. 2.) If you have a minutes to stop by CrossFit Break Boundaries tomorrow (8-noon) to support our badass coach, Trent, do it!! Looks like they will have some great vendors on site to shop as well. 3.) Pool Party!!! Please RSVP today!! Some folks are cooking up special treats based on the headcount. (I’m still waiting on the first RSVP snap btw.) 

New You 6 Week Challenge

We are hosting a 6 week challenge for new members. Challengers must take 3 classes per week for 6 weeks straight which includes Elements. They must complete a nutrition program as well. The challenge starts August 1st and is for women only. The challenge will have its own classes on the schedule. Regular MVMNT members may not attend them and they cannot attend regular MVMNT classes. Over the next few weeks, we will have lots of new people coming into the gym for intros. Please welcome them in! If you have anyone that has been thinking about trying us out, this is their time.

New You Challenge Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7 am. Tuesday & Thursday at 12:00 pm. Monday & Wednesday at 7 pm. Saturday at 8:30 am.
Cost: $250
Women only. (Guys will be the next challenge)


Jump Rope 3 Minutes
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups

With a partner:

20 Medicine Ball Chest Pass


Levels 2-4
5 sets
5 Bench Press (65%)
5 Barbell Row 

Levels 0/1
5 sets
5 Kettlebell Floor Press
5 KB Bent-over Row


Alternate with a partner:

3 Rounds

Upper Body Complex:
30 sec each for max reps

Battling Ropes – alternating
Ring Rows
Battling Ropes – double

Level 0-2
Knee Push-ups are ok (only in this workout!)

4 rounds (12 min limit)

Jump Rope
15 Medicine Ball Overhead Throws
60 sec Rest

L4 – 75 Double Unders
L3 – 35 Double Unders
L0-2 – 150 Single Unders