Friday 7/3/20

Friday 7/3/20

0:00 – 15:00
Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility
Squat prep:

5/5 Goblet Cossack Squats (hold onto a ring if you can’t balance on your own)
5/5 Single Leg Glute Bridge (keep other leg pointing straight up at ceiling, hold each rep for three seconds, try to make your glutes cramp)
5 Broad Jumps (explosive hip extension prep)


15:00 – 20:00

Movement prep

20:00 – 35:00
5 Squats
20 Jumping Lunges
Rest 60 seconds

– The Squats should be done with the same weight for all sets, do not increase/decrease the load.


35:00 – 40:00
Workout explanation and movement practice

40:00 – 55:00


Perform the first two movements in ladder fashion, increasing by one rep each round. When you complete 5, start back over at 1.

Strict Push-up Burpee
Strict Chest to Bar Dead Hang Pull-up
10 Swings

– no floppy burpees or kipping allowed on this workout, take your time and make the reps crisp and clean
– box assisted pull-ups are preferred substitute but ring/suspension rows are ok if you’re at home
– for burpees you may use a box to elevate your hands if necessary, or just jump back to plank and then come back up


55:00 – 60:00