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Friday 7/13/18

Every single MVMNT Member should make plans to stop by the gym on Saturday to cheer, observe & support fellow MVMNT members as they participate in the 5 Bar Meet. Understand that the standard strength sport is one or other: either powerlifting or weightlifting. These badass members are stepping up to do both. IN.ONE.DAY.

Friends and family are absolutely welcome and encouraged to come watch!! The more people we have at the gym supporting this event, the more weight will be lifted. It’s science.

Respect the Lifter – Please pay attention as you are coming in and out of the gym. When a lifter is on the platform about to lift, please put your voice on silent or vibrate and avoid walking thru the lifter’s line of sight.

Liftoff Competitors – Know the Rules. And when we say rules, we mean the standard by which you should be performing these five lifts every time you walk into the gym.

Weigh-ins – Weigh-in is at 8 am. Not 8:15. Not 8:30. Don’t bother showing up at 8:45. You need to get weighed in, starting eating and drinking water and warming up. An hour isn’t a lot of time to warm up and get your stomach and nerves settled. You need to get to the gym on time and get going. Remember, this isn’t a regular training day. This is meet day.

Opening Attempts – You will be required to submit your snatch and clean & jerk opening attempt weights at weigh-in. (This allows us to order the flights.) During the break, there will be an announcement to submit your openers for the powerlifts to the score table.

Here are the standards:
Bench Press & Deadlift
Back Squat
Clean & Jerk

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups

***If you are participating in the 5 Bar Liftoff tomorrow, you shouldn’t be here at all; but if you came anyway, spend the rest of the hour stretching and foam rolling***

Kettlebell Overhead Complex
Right Hand:
1 Swing
1 Clean and Push Press
1 Snatch
1 Windmill
1 Overhead Squat
1 Reverse Getup
Switch and repeat with Left Hand.


30 Minutes E5MOM (6x)
Single Kettlebell Complex
30 seconds each exercise
Switch to the next exercise immediately

Bulgarian Split Squat Right Leg
Bulgarian Split Squat Left Leg
Snatch Right Arm
Snatch Left Arm
Goblet Squat
Crossover Push-up