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Friday 6/26/15

Sending strong vibes to Jon Burlow, Brett Waggoner and Patrice Pollock as they start their StrongFirst (SFG) Kettlebell Level 1 Certification today! The SFG cert is one of the most stringent, demanding and rewarding certifications out there. Unlike many certifications, you must be well prepared both physically and mentally. As soon as you arrive, you are required to pass a strength test. Over the course of three days, they will accumulate 1000s (no joke) of swings alone. They will take their kettlebell EVERYWHERE (accept off campus) they go. On the last day, they must pass a skills test, a physical performance test and a teaching test separating SFG from the pack. We couldn’t be more excited for them. They will be new and improved humans on Monday. 

“You shall gain but you shall pay with sweat, blood, and vomit, Comrade.” ― Pavel Tsatsouline, SFG Founder

Tomorrow: Intro to Self-Defense at 10:30 am. Looks like it’s going to be a packed house with both instructors and students! If you haven’t signed up, get to it. If you aren’t 100%, go ahead and sign up so we know who might be attending. Yes, friends and family are welcome. $10 for members/$20 for non-members. Aaaaannnndddd, a little birdie told me we WILL work on gun/knife defense. YAAASSSS!!!

Sunday Yoga at 4:00 pm. With all these strength gainz and ass kicking, we could all use some recovery. Join us for an active recovery stretch session for CrossFitters by a CrossFitter. 

Read – How to Prevent CrossFit Injuries by Gray Cook, PT, FMS. Mario, Brett, Vanessa and I (along with Diana Salzman, MVMNT member and our recommended chiropractor) have all had the honor of learning from Gray at one of his Functional Movement Screen certifications. This is an excellent article reinforcing our thoughts regarding CrossFit and basic strength and conditioning principles. If you have been to MVMNT101, you’ll understand and appreciate even more. If you haven’t, this article will help you better understand why we work on a level system and why quality movement patterning is so clutch to your training longevity. I heart Gray Cook and you should too. 

Be sure to leave your reps/level/thoughts on today’s conditioning in the comments below.

Dynamic Athletic Movement

3 Rounds
10 Downdog Push-ups
10 Cossacks

Levels 2-4
8 x 6
Back Squat

Sets across. Add 3-5% to the weight you lifted last week. There are 8 work sets, ALL to be done at the same weight. Rest no more than 120 seconds between sets.

Level 0/1
10 x 6
Kettlebell Squats (single or double)

“Electric Daffodil”

10 Minute AMRAP
15 Step-ups per leg
15 Toes to Bar

L3/4 – PLYO step-ups
L2 – regular step-ups, hanging leg raises
L0/1 – regular step ups, V-ups or butterfly sit-ups