Friday 6/23/17

Friday 6/23/17

New You Challenge – The next 6 week challenge starts on Monday!! We have a few spots left. If you know a lucky lady that is ready to get back to the gym or get their feet wet, send her our way. This challenge is the perfect thorough introduction to the gym in the least intimidating way possible. Top that with a meticulous nutrition plan and you’ve got a recipe for success. Email ASAP!!

Level 1/2 Test – Monday, July 10th @ 7pm. Start thinking about it.

Read – Preventing Elbow Pain in the Squat from Starting Strength.

A lot of you are experiencing quite a bit of pain right now that is the result of too wide a grip. Having your hands too wide necessitates overextension of the shoulder (elbows way up) and excessive forward pressure by the hands into the bar to hold the bar in place, because the wide grip artificially shortens the forearm and reduces support from the elbow up to the bar. The shoulder overextension causes you to round your upper back as you approach the bottom of the squat, requiring you to flex your wrists at the bottom and on the way up so that the bar feels secure on your back. The stress at the elbow caused by the excessive loading of the externally rotated upper arm, the flexed wrist and loaded wrist flexor muscles, or the internally rotated forearm results in lateral or medial epicondylitis – tennis or golfers elbow – a nasty, painful condition.

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups


Levels 2-4

15 Minutes:
5 x 3
Bench Press
80% of your Bench Press 1RM

15 Minutes:
5 x 2
80% of your Deadlift 1RM

Levels 0/1
(30 Minutes)

5 Double Kettlebell Floor Press
5/5 Single Leg Deadlifts
1/1 Turkish Getup
30 Seconds Reverse Table


“Arcessere in Situla”

15 Minute Limit

Levels 2-4

20 Box Jumps
16 Alternating Reverse Lunges (that’s 8 per leg)
12 Pull-ups

L4 – 2Kb Farmer Hold Lunges 2×24/18
L3 – 2×20/14

Levels 0/1

20 yd Broad Jump (the length of the turf)
16 Alternating Reverse Lunges (that’s 8 per leg)
12 Ring Rows

L0/1 – light kb (goblet lunge) or no weight