Friday 5/8/15

Friday 5/8/15

Our Athletes making waves: Andi Hardy!! Check it out-The 50 Most Influential People In Obstacle RacingAndi has hooked us up with some free Spartan Race entries. Our MVMNT Crew captain, Ben Turner, can give you more details. (Andi’s pic was on the blog yesterday.)

It’s May and you know what that means…The Murph Challenge. We’ve been doing it since we opened our doors and it’s always a good time. Buuuuuut, it’s no joke. Hero workouts are supposed to be tough and this one is all about heart and perseverance. The movements are straight forward: run, pullups, pushups, squats. You just need a little will to keep going. Get your official Murph shirt and join us on Memorial Day at 10 am for this annual tradition. Also, this: A 3-week Workout Plan to Crush Murph. The workout that day will be free for anyone that wants to come. Bonus!

The MVMNT Tribe is officially full this month!! Looking forward to big things from these up and coming weightlifters. We’ll let you know if spots open up in June.

Regionals is next weekend. A group of us are planning to carpool on Saturday & Sunday to watch the action at the Georgia World Congress Center. (We even have a few people that got selected to volunteer!) Several people have friends coming in from out of town and there’s a huge after party on Sunday. The point is that it’ll probably be a ton of fun. We haven’t decided on a rally time yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Anyone is welcome to join us. Daily admission is $20. 

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series

Levels 2-4
Clean Progression
Practice movements from the barbell complex with empty bar/light weight

Levels 0/1
10 Downdog Push-ups
Practice movements from the kettlebell circuit with light weight


“The Smooth and the Striated”

Levels 2-4
Barbell Complex – 5 Rounds/8 Reps of each movement
Alternate each round with a partner (2-3 people per bar)

Clean Pull
Hang Power Clean
Front Squat
Split Jerk (4 per side)
Good Morning

The barbell complex should be performed with the same load for all 5 rounds. If you did it last Friday, base your working weight off of that (either add 5-10# or stay at the same weight if you need to). Otherwise, use your notebook and the warmup to gauge an appropriate weight. This rep scheme is extremely challenging. Each round is one unbroken set. If you can’t finish all 40 reps, your score is 0 for that round. There are to be NO broken sets–once you put the bar down, it is your partner’s turn. If you change the weight on the bar between rounds, your load score is 0. Post total completed rounds and the load on the whiteboard (e.g. 5/135).

Levels 0/1
Single Kettlebell Circuit – 5 Rounds/5 Reps per hand unless otherwise noted
Rest about 20 seconds between exercises.

Swing (10 with 2 hands)
Clean and Press
Clean and Front Squat
Get-up (one on each side)
Clean and Lunge
Swing (10 with 2 hands)

Rest 2 minutes before the next circuit.