Friday 3/23/18

Friday 3/23/18

Thrusters, Pullups & BBQ, Oh My! – Warmup starts at 9:30. Heats starts NLT 10. Get there early, get warmed up and into a heat. The longer we have to wait for you, the more no-reps we issue.

When everyone has finished 18.5, we’ll break bread and toast our efforts of narrowly missing qualifying for Regionals.

**Saturday is it folks. We aren’t counting reps on Sunday or Monday. The Open is over tomorrow.**

Sunday Yoga – Cancelled until further notice. (Hopefully only a few weeks. Fingers crossed.)

In-person Niki Shoutouts – If you’re interested in visiting Niki, she gave the thumbs up last night to see more friends at Kennestone. For more info text, email, or slide into Ivy’s DMs.

Read – Thrusters = Your Best Friend from CrossFit Invictus

Run to Sessions
Hip Mobility
Downdog Push-ups

Competitors practice movements of the workout.

1/1 Getup
10 Swings


CrossFit Open Workout 18.5

Rx Competitors

7 Minutes AMRAP
3/3, 6/6, 9/9, 12/12…

Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Men use 100-lb. barbell
Women use 65-lb.barbell

Masters Competitors

7 Minutes AMRAP
3/3, 6/6, 9/9, 12/12…

Chin over Bar Pull-ups

Men use 65-lb. barbell
Women use 45-lb.barbell

Scaled Competitors

7 Minutes AMRAP
3/3, 6/6, 9/9, 12/12…

JUMPING Chin over Bar Pull-ups

Men use 65-lb. barbell
Women use 45-lb.barbell

ALL Competitors/Teams should thoroughly familiarize themselves with the movement standards as explained here: 18.5 Standards  (this is a hyperlink, you are supposed to click it)

I’ll highlight a couple of things that may be an issue:
1. The Thruster standard requires a below parallel squat at the bottom and a full overhead extension at the top. Your arms must be in line with your ears with elbows fully locked out for the rep to count.
2. Chest to Bar means your chest must make unambiguous contact with the bar. Your chest is anywhere from your collar bones down to the bottom of your sternum. The anterior deltoid muscles are NOT part of your chest. It’s easy to know if you got the rep because you will feel your chest make contact with the bar. If you don’t, then you will hear “no rep!”
3. Butterfly pull-ups are definitely faster than a regular kip, but it is much easier to miss the bar. Make sure your technique is dialed in before you spend 7 minutes being frustrated that you didn’t bother to practice to meet the standard (in the more than 100 pull-up workouts we’ve done since the last Open).
4. Chin over Bar means your chin must clearly break the horizontal plane of the bar. This implies that the rest of your head should break that same plane as well. In other words, if you are throwing your head back and looking up at the ceiling–chicken necking–to get the rep, it won’t count.
5. Although the Jumping Pull-up exercise may seem ridiculous (because it is), the movement standard actually messes people up every year. Your elbows must be FULLY EXTENDED at the bottom of the pull-up–even though you are standing on a box or the floor. If you fail to squat down enough to straighten your arms, the rep will not count.

Failure to achieve these standards will result in a “NO REP” call by your judge.
Meet the standard.

Non Competitors
10 Minutes AMRAP (please note the time difference compared to the competition workout–this is longer)
5 Kettlebell Thrusters
5 Pull-ups/ring rows

This is a quick workout, so those of you who want to do more after you finish can try the following:

3x not for time
12 Ab Wheel Rollouts (pause at end range)
24 Kettlebell Russian Twists
12 Toes to Bar/Hang Knee Tucks
24 Plank Up-Downs
12 Butterfly Sit-ups
48 Mountain Climbers