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Friday 1/20/17


Level Test Announcements

Level 1/2 – Monday, January 30th @ 7:00 pm

Level 3 – Saturday, February 11th @ 10:30 am

Level 4 – Saturday, February 18th @ 10:30 am

The Open:

This year beginning Thursday, February 23rd, and for the following four weeks, we will gather round the projector to watch the live workout announcement and watch two brave souls battle it out in a head to head throw down immediately after the announcement.

Each Open workout will be the our daily training just as it has in the past. In other words, you’ll be participating whether you like it or not (kinda). The Open workouts are divided into multiple categories including Rx & Scaled, age and gender.

• Individual Men and Women
• Teenage Boys and Girls 14-15 (Born on or between 07/15/2001 and 02/27/2003)
• Teenage Boys and Girls 16-17 (Born on or between 07/15/1999 and 07/14/2001)
• Masters Men and Women 35-39 (Born on or between 7/15/77 and 7/14/82) That’s right. 35 is now MASTERS.
• Masters Men and Women 40-44 (Born on or between 7/15/72 and 7/14/77)
• Masters Men and Women 45-49 (Born on or between 7/15/67 and 7/14/72)
• Masters Men and Women 50-54 (Born on or between 7/15/62 and 7/14/67)
• Masters Men and Women 55-59 (Born on or between 7/15/57 and 7/14/62)
• Masters Men and Women 60+ (Born on or before 7/14/57)

The MVMNT Open –  We want you to participate! Test yourself. See where you stack up. If you choose to officially participate, your name goes into the scoring bracket. Everyone will be ranked based on score. A first place finish gets 1 point, second place 2, etc. Lowest score wins. We will not have age or gender categories for rank placement (otherwise everyone would win). You will do your version of the prescribed workout from Games HQ as listed above and we will rank based on that.

Example: Patrice (masters women 60+) & Greg (individual men ie 18-34)
5 min AMRAP
5 Wall balls
5 Cleans
Patrice’s Rx: 10# med ball to 9′ target. 65# power cleans. Finishes with 100 reps.
Greg’s Rx: 20# med ball to 10′ target. 135# squat cleans. Finishes with 99 reps.
Patrice gets one point. Greg gets two points. (And the rest of us got crushed by them and are ranked accordingly)

We will have brackets for Rx and scaled.

Overall Rx winner at the end of the Open gets a custom Nike gift pack. Other Rx and scaled prizes TBA.

Additional game rules to follow.

The CrossFit Open – Registering on If you’d like to register to participate worldwide, go for it. You must film & upload your workout for submission. A coach or resident certified judge will count for you (ie, members like Clark and Niki). Only Level 4 and some Level 3’s should consider this and Patrice, of course (no pressure).

The Open really is a blast. It is a chance to push yourself a little harder and have your standards tested (and get no repped like there’s no tomorrow). We throw a huge BBQ at the end. Everyone looks forward to (or dreads but secretly loves) the Open each year. You have a month to get to work on your weaknesses, get your eating in check and start your mental prep game. The Open is upon us.

Whatever. I love hype videos…..all the adaptive feels.

Run to Sessions
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups

15 Minutes (~4 sets)

Levels 3/4
Nose to Wall Handstand (hold 30 sec) to Bridge – let feet fall over and bridge hips as they hit the floor
10-12 Alternating Pistols

Levels 0-2
Crow and Handstand practice
20yd Walking Lunges


Levels 2-4
18 Minutes (FIVE sets: first work set starts at 3:00, last work set is at 15:00)

3 Strict Presses
Work up to ~85% of your 1RM

Levels 0/1
18 Minutes (first work set starts at 3:00, last work set is at 15:00)

5 Double Kettlebell Press
30 second Plank



15 Minutes AMRAP

Levels 2-4

20 Ball Slams
15 Box Jumps
10 Pullups

L4 – C2B pullups

Levels 0/1

20 Ball Slams
20 yd Broad Jumps (one length of the turf)
10 Ring Rows