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Friday 12/1/17

2017 Olympic Weightlifting World Championships – When To Watch USAW’s Athletes from Barbend. Our eyes are on CJ Cummings, Mattie Rogers and, of course, Wes Kitts (the Dirty South Momoa of weightlifting).

Hot Topic – The Case For Gym Selfies from T-Nation. So, last year we painted a giant chalkboard wall and asked people to write their one big 2017 goal…at a party. With alcohol involved. Lots of alcohol. Some people wrote down actual things they wanted to achieve and some people mocked Joseph Elliott about jumping rope, which he can totally do double unders. I think? He goes to 6 am. So, we may never know. (Ps. Graham, you have to find a new non-jump rope related goal!!)

The chalkboard is a clean slate. Get your goals in line now (before the holiday binge) and publicize them. Get them on the chalkboard (we’ll say when) and take a selfie with your newly broadcast gym related goal. We’re going to check-in with you and your goal throughout the year (yes, on social media too). When you hit that goal, draw a check mark and take that after selfie. Don’t be shy.

So, back to the T-Nation article. “A study published in the Journal of Interactive Marketing looked at the role of virtual communities and fat loss goals. Researchers found that “individuals are more likely to achieve success with such goals when they make a public commitment to achieving them.”

Virtual support communities work. If you’re trying to build muscle, lose fat, or set a new PR, you’ll be more likely to do it by finding a like-minded group on the internet and going semi-public with your intentions. Then, use that community to discuss your achievements and failures.

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups
20 Alternating Birddogs (hold each rep for one second)

25 Minutes total

Levels 2-4
10 Minutes:
Warmup your Deadlift AND Press: 5 reps each – empty bar, 35%, 45%, 55%
Alternate sets between Deadlift and Press.
After your warmup sets, perform one 45-60 Samson stretch on each side

12 minutes E3MOM (4 sets)

8 Deadlift at 70%
8 Press at 70% (strict press, no dip/knee bend)

Perform these lifts as a superset–finish the deadlifts, shake out your limbs, take a couple of breaths, and then start the presses. If you are sharing a platform, set up the deadlift bar at the very front so two people can lift at the same time, and stay close to the rack while pressing.

Levels 0/1

8 Double Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift
12 Box Dips
12/12 Single Leg Hip Bridge

8 Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press
8 Box Jumps
12/12 1 Arm Row
12 Medicine Ball Situps


“Aiguille Du Diable”

13:15 Minutes total
30 seconds work/15 seconds rest

You will start with 2 sets of
Then 2 sets of:
Pull-ups (or Ring Rows)
Then 2 sets of:
Alternating Dynamic Lateral Lunges

Then repeat this sequence, for a total of 3 rounds.