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Friday 11/10/17

Ask & You Shall Receive – So I says to Niki, I says, “Sunday yoga would be nice.” Boom. RYT Niki Lemley is bringing her mat skills to the gym this Sunday for a free stretch sesh at 11:30 am. 45 minutes in and out. Stick around for open gym or go on about your Sundaze. Free of charge. All levels. No mat necessary.

Running the Gobble Jog this year with friends and fam? Shoot Ivy an email or DM and let us know! In MVMNT Gym tradition, we’ll gladly create a Gobble Jog team and pick up your race packets on your behalf for you to pick up at the gym. Easy peasy.

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups
20 Alternating Birddogs (hold each rep for one second)

24 Minutes total

Levels 2-4
10 Minutes:
Warmup your Deadlift AND Press: 3 reps each – empty bar, 35%, 45%, 55%
Alternate sets between Deadlift and Press.
After your warmup sets, perform one 45-60 Samson stretch on each side

at 10:00 on the clock,
12 minutes E3MOM (4 sets – 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00)

9 Deadlift at 65%
9 Press at 65% (strict press, no dip/knee bend)

Perform these lifts as a superset–finish the deadlifts, shake out your limbs, take a couple of breaths, and then start the presses. If you are sharing a platform, set up the deadlift bar at the very front so two people can lift at the same time, and stay close to the rack while pressing.

Levels 0/1

9 Double Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift
9 Seated Press
50 Plank Shoulder Taps

9 Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press
9 Box Jumps
12/12 1 Arm Row
12/12 Single Leg Hip Bridge


“Blockchain Formation”

6 rounds (9 minutes total)
30 seconds work/15 seconds rest, alternate between exercises

Alternating Dynamic Lateral Lunges

First interval is lunges, then rest, then second interval is push-ups, rest, and back to lunges, etc. for 6 rounds total.
Lateral Lunge: Starting with feet hip width apart, step Right foot out wide, hinging at the hips and shifting your weight onto that Right leg, while the Left leg remains straight, then push off the Right foot to return to the start position and switch to the other side. To increase difficulty, take your opposite hand to your lunging foot at the end range (but only if your spine remains neutral). To add more intensity, explosively transition to the other side without stopping in the initial setup position.
T-Push-up: From plank, perform a push-up, then twist your body (legs, hips, and torso) 90 degrees, so you are on the edges of your feet with one hand reaching straight up and one hand planted on the floor, return to plank, push-up, and twist to the other side. This can be done with hands on a box if necessary.

40 yd Uneven Kettlebell Carry
Hold a heavier bell in one hand like a suitcase and a lighter bell in the rack position on your chest. Slowly walk the length of the turf, lower the bells to the floor with control, switch the weights and walk back. Rest and repeat.