3-in-1 Plyo Boxes are almost ready to be deployed!

Animal movement drills: 15 minutes, 10M out and back
Bearcrawl (and backwards)
Crab/Spider walk
Duck walk
Frog jumps
Army crawl
Dragon crawl
Forward/Backward Rolls

Partner drills: 15 minutes AMRAP
20M Leap frog/crawl through
20M Wheelbarrow (with 10 pushups)
20M Fireman carry (with 3 squats)
20M Bearhug lift and carry
1x Monkey Climb
3x Flip Over Bridge

Krav Maga

Front and Rear Bearhug attack/defense

KB Sport

6 sets – 2:00, rest 30sec, then switch hands
Half Snatch – 4 kilos heavier than competition/rank weight
10 RPM pace