Thursday 3/17/16

Thursday 3/17/16

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! There’s only one way to celebrate before you indulge in green beer. And that’s with a little bit of fitness. 

16.4 Live Viewing Party: It’s going tonight at 8 pm. One of our youngest and oldest Masters will square off in a 16.4 showdown to determine (in this highly scientific experiment) if age really is just a number. Livergood is accepting bribes. 

End of the Open BBQ: Saturday, March 26th. 9:30 for competitors. 11 am for everyone else. But really 9:30 am for everyone to workout and watch the competitors. 

Read (Seriously this time): Get Over Yourself from Lift Big Eat Big. I think, together, we’ve done a great job of making sure everyone at MVMNT feels welcome and encouraged no matter what level you’re training at. However, it’s always good to remind yourself that no one’s goals or accomplishments are superior to one another. 

“In order to quit being “that guy”, you need to put your ego away and get over yourself. Not only will people respect you as a lifter more, but also you’ll be much happier by ridding yourself of the negativity. We’re a community after all; we need to treat others within it that way.”

The Morning After: Drink some green juice from Stupid Easy Paleo.

Dynamic Athletic Movement

10 Down Dog Push-ups
5 Turkish Getups R/L
20 Kettlebell Swings

Levels 2-4

3 – 3 – 3+
Bench Press (75-80-85%)

3 – 3 – 3+
Deadlift (75-80-85%)

Levels 0/1

5 x 8
Kettlebell Floor Press

5 x 5
Double Kettlebell Deadlift


40 yd Single KB Suitcase Carry* R/L 
40 yd Single KB Rack Carry* R/L 

*Walk slowly down the turf and back, then switch hands (should take about a minute per side)