Friday 1/22/16

Friday 1/22/16

*****5 pm only tonight. 6 & 7 pm are cancelled.****

**Inclement Weather Policy** We will generally follow Cobb County school closures when it comes time to make a decision regarding class cancellations. We will post any closures here and on Facebook. Today is looking a little iffy (and we know ATL likes to be overly cautious post-Snowpocalypse 2014). However, our number one priority is your safety on the road…not necessarily because you’re the bad driver but because others cannot be trusted.

Please check back on class cancellations tonight and tomorrow. If you can go to the noon class today….you’re winning. (If you’re buddy is notorious for not reading the blog…help em out.)

7 pm powerlifting/open gym is officially cancelled. 

#fbf to the #mvmntwintersocial2015  Our favorite insta poster from the party wins a new hoodie!! Drum roll, please….3…2…1…Bao takes home a fresh off the printer MVMNT Hoodie. Congrats! You can checkout his photos along with everyone else by searching that hashtag.

Going to be super bored when the city shuts down this afternoon? Cruise over to and take the Judges Course! It’ll make you laugh, cry and qualify you to count reps during the Open…and we could use your help! While you’re there, go ahead and sign up to participate in the Open. 

If you haven’t noticed, I like Open hype videos. And if you’re looking to up your mental game, look no further than Mikko Salo. This is straight Mikko being Mikko. 

Some of Joseph Elliott’s favorite Mikko quotes: “If you can’t do a workout without cheering, what’s the point?” and “If you need music for training, go get another hobby.” All the YES. 

Reminder, Level 1/2 Test is Monday night. The clock is ticking. Make the commitment to yourself now. Go sign up.

Dynamic Athletic Movement

25 Minutes
All Levels
Barbell Snatch Progression

L3/4 – once through with empty bar, then ascending sets of :
3 Above the Knee Hang Power Snatch
3 Behind the Neck Jerk (Snatch Grip)

L2 – start with pvc or empty bar depending on ability, then:
Practice Above the Knee Hang Power Snatch

L0/1 – practice progression with pvc


EMOM 20 Minutes (10 rounds)
Levels 2/3/4

At the start of even numbered minutes perform one exercise,
on odd minutes perform the other (alternate exercises with a partner if necessary):

3 Power Clean and Jerks (push, not split if at all possible) 
12 Overhead Reverse Lunges (hold a plate overhead while you lunge in place, not walking)

L4 – 155/115, 45/25
L3 – 135/95, 35/25
L2 – 95/65, 25/15 *no going any lighter–if you can’t handle those weights on the bar, then do the KB workout instead

Levels 0/1
EMOM as above:
5 Kettlebell Clean + Press R/L (OR Double KB C+P)
10 KB Goblet Lunges