Wednesday 9/7/16

Wednesday 9/7/16

Trivia Night. Saturday night. 6 pm.

Cope has already formed his team and they’ve been practicing. Everyone else’s mission is to form smarter teams and take them down. Down to the ground. Show no mercy. 

I’d also advise to watch out for the Burklows. They run a strong trivia game. 

I also expect to see Clark & Crew roll up with a wagon of goodies and knowledge. 

So, show up. With or without a team, tell the new people they’re supposed to come to social stuff too, and come hangout with us for a few hours of non-gym gym time. 

Jump Rope 3 Minutes


Level 3/4
20 Bar Muscle Ups (L3-25 Single Rep Max Effort Kips*)
50 Ring Push-ups
120 Sec Hollow Rocks
50 Plyo Step-ups R/L

*The idea is to kip so hard your belly comes to the bar–the sternum should be well above it. You should drop down and release the bar after every rep.

Level 2
25 Chin-ups
40 Ring Push-ups
120 Sec Hollow Hold
120 Lunges (alternating)

Levels 0/1
50 Ring Rows
30 Ring Push-ups
120 Sec Hollow back practice
100 Lunges (alternating)


“Shamhat and Enkidu”

30 Minute limit for all Levels

Levels 2-4

200 yd* Sandbag Carry
10 Burpees
5/5 Kettlebell Snatches
30 Double Unders

L4 – 65/55, 24/16
L3 – 55/45, 22/14, 15 DUs (if mixing singles)
L2 – Single arm swings if necessary, 100 singles or 10 DUs as for L3

Levels 0/1

6 Rounds AFAP
200 yd Medicine Ball Carry
10 Burpees
8/8 Single Arm Swings
100 Single Unders

*200 yd – turn around at manhole cover halfway up to Sessions St.