Wednesday 6/29/16

Wednesday 6/29/16

Pool Party: July 16th at 1:00 pm. Friends and family welcome! Please bring your favorite dish and drink to share with the MVMNT Fam. Location details are on the events page. For those that came to the MVMNT Launch Party, the pool is in the same hood (Mark & Kelly Sauro). 

Level 1/2 Test: Monday, July 11th, at 7:00 pm.  

Level 3: Saturday, July 9th, at 10:30 am. Remember, you must know the speed ladder drills and dynamic athletic movements in order. Be prepared to take your fellow testers through the drills. 

Run to Sessions St.
Hip Mobility Series
10 Down dog Push-ups

10/10 Turkish Getups


“La Maupin”

Levels 2-4

400 yd Run
16 Toes to Bar
12 Alternating 2KB Front Rack Lunges (6/6)

L4 – 2×22/2×16
L3 – 2×20/2×14
L2 – sub Hanging Knee Tucks if necessary 

Levels 0/1

400 yd Run
16 Butterfly Sit-ups 
16 Lunges

Log your conditioning results on Beyond the Whiteboard.