Wednesday 10/31/18

Wednesday 10/31/18

Daily Gratitude … for having that gym buddy who keeps me accountable. Who wants to press the snooze button when your 6am friend is waiting for you to show up?! And who is going to spot my 6:30pm bench press buddy?! All I gotta do is show up 😀

Bring a Friend Saturday: If you know someone looking to make that change in their life, bring them by for the 9:30am workout on Saturday! This will be an all-levels workout, and we’d love to meet your friends! Be sure to come a little earlier so they can get signed in and you can show them off to the rest of the gym  👯‍♀️


0:00 – 5:00
3 minutes Jump rope or Quick Feet/Jumping Jack Drills
PVC Drills

5:00 – 12:00
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 22:00
Kettlebell Flow:
Lateral Lunge (Contralateral load)
Clean and Push Press
Overhead Reverse Lunge (step back with same side leg as kettlebell)
Repeat for sets of 5 per side.

22:00 – 42:00

Levels 2-4
22:00 – 37:00 (15 minutes)
Bench Press
Work up to a heavy set of 5

Start at about 50% and work up as heavy as you can with absolutely perfect form within the time limit.

37:00 – 42:00
3x E2MOM
10 Bench Presses at 60% of your heavy set for the day

Levels 0/1
E4MOM (~5 sets but take your time!)
Do not rush the movements, focus on quality.

6/7/8/9/10 Floor Press (keep same weight for all sets)
10/10 Single Leg Hip Bridge (lower down slowly, but don’t come all the way to the floor)
10/10 Slow Eccentric Single Arm Rows (3 second negative)

42:00 – 50:00
Movement Practice and Workout Setup

50:00 – 60:00


10 minutes AMRAP

Levels 2-4

16 Alternating Staggered Stance Goblet Squats
8 T Push-ups

L3/4 – 24/18, Jumping Squats
L2 – no rx, not plyo
L0/1 – can do bodyweight if necessary