Tuesday 8/14/18

Tuesday 8/14/18

What I’m Reading: It’s easy to become obese in America. These 7 charts explain why. (Vox)

1) We eat out — a lot
2) Portion sizes have gone up, up, up
3) We guzzle sugary beverages on an unrivaled scale
4) Healthier foods can cost more
5) Our vegetables consist mainly of potatoes and tomatoes
6) Too many of our meals are like dessert (American breakfast is often nothing more than disguised dessert.)
7) We’re bombarded with ads for unhealthy food

Do any of these ring a little true for you? (Perhaps you eat out a few times a week or maybe you have classic syrup swirling inside that venti cup.) If there’s low hanging fruit within your reach to improve your diet, grab it!  Look for ways to reduce or eliminate bad nutrition habits from your life and create beneficial ones. Could you make a mini-commitment for the next 30 days to shore up your nutrition in some way?

Something to think about …

Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility

40 yd Waiter Walk R/L
5/5 Halos each direction


30 Minutes E5MOM (6x)
Single Kettlebell Complex
30 seconds each exercise
Switch to the next exercise immediately
Rest 2:00 after each circuit

Russian Step Up Right Leg (hold kettlebell in left hand)
Snatch Left Arm
Russian Step Up Left Leg (hold kb in right hand)
Snatch Right Arm
Mountain Climber Push-up
Squat Jump

L0/1 – can substitute One arm Swings, or High Pulls as necessary