Tuesday 10/16/18

Tuesday 10/16/18

Snatchin’ ain’t easy (see vid below).
Weightlifting 101/102 starts tonight! Get comfortable with the barbell snatch and clean & jerk.
This series is for ALL levels, and you can still register on Mindbody. People new to lifting should sign up for the 101 class at 6pm, and those who are more familiar with the lifts will take class at 7pm. This weightlifting series runs weekly on Tuesday nights through November 6.
If you’d like to sign up, go to “Online Store,” select Olympic Weightlifting, and you’ll find the option for 101 or 102.

Halloween is happening on Oct 31st – hump day, our favorite day – and we’ve been known to wear things sometimes.

Yoga is cancelled this Sunday. We’ll be back stretching at it 11:30am on the 28th of October.

0:00 – 8:00
Super Dynamic Warmup

8:00 – 20:00
Instructor Mobility

20:00 – 30:00
Review/Practice skills for today’s conditioning.

30:00 – 60:00

“Back on Track”

Levels 2-4

30 Minutes E6MOM (5 rounds)

5 Thrusters (L3/4 increase weight each round)
10 Pull-ups
20 Box Jumps
200 yd Run

L4 – M: 95/105/115/125/135 W: 65/75/85/95/105
L3 – M: 75/85/95/105/115 W: 45/55/65/75/85
L2 – 75/55

You have 6 minutes to complete each round; your goal should be to have 2 minutes rest between rounds. If you are getting caught by the clock, then do NOT increase the weight on the bar (probably you should take 10# off). Steady work on the box jumps, don’t rush and miss. Sprint the run, every round.

Level 0/1

200 yd Run
6/6 Kettlebell Thrusters
12 Ring Rows
12 Ball Up Sit-ups
12 Box Jumps