Thursday 7/12/18

Thursday 7/12/18

#TBT to last year’s 5 Bar Meet. We hope to see some old faces and want to see new ones this year.

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The meet day checklist.
by Ivy P! 

Every meet it seems like I forget some vital pieces or someone is hitting me up for something at the meet. So why not make a checklist of what’s important? Check this stuff off a few days before the meet. It’s important to pack a few days beforehand just to get rid of that little bit of extra stress it can cause.

____ Full change of clothes: tee/tank, shorts/leggings, bra, compression undies
____ Squat shoes
____ Knee sleeves
____ Belt
____ Wrist wraps
____ Deadlift socks
____ Deadlift shoes
____ Towel(s)
____ Sandwiches
____ Bananas
____ Hydration drinks (Gatorade or Pedialyte)
____ Mobility tools (Roller, Lax Ball, etc)
____ Deodorant
____ Baby Powder
____ Ibuprofin, Tylenol, Biofreeze, voodoo ointment
____ Headphones

Dynamic Athletic Movement
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups


Levels 2-4

15 Minutes:
Bench Press at 50%
Practice following commands, visualize lift

15 Minutes:
Deadlift at 50%
Practice following commands, visualize lift

Levels 0/1
Two high intensity circuits for you guys today: I want you to go for max reps each 40 second interval (you should get 10-20 reps on most of these exercises). Perform the 4 exercises, rest one minute, and repeat for 3 total rounds. Rest TWO minutes after part A and go right into part B, following the same format.

A. 3x
40/20 interval
Battle Ropes (hold deep split stance, switch halfway)
Alternating Dynamic Lateral Lunge (no weight)
Medicine Ball Cross Chop
Box Squat Jumps

** REST TWO MINUTES before going on to the next section**

B. 3x
40/20 interval
Alternating Goblet Step-ups
Mountain Climber Push-ups
5 yd Lateral Shuttle Run (touch cone with outside hand)
Scissor Kicks


“Shortcut to Shredded”
40 yd Suitcase Walk R/L
30 seconds Ring Plank (sub Shoulder Taps if necessary)
10 Erg Pike Ups (sub Inch Worms if necessary)
20 Ball-up Situps