Thursday 6/2/16

Thursday 6/2/16

Dynamic Athletic Movement

4 Sets
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats


Levels 2-4
Barbell Complex – 5 Rounds

1 Rep of each movement, 7 times through Unbroken
Alternate each round with a partner (2-3 people per bar)
L 3/4 – Add weight each round if possible.

Snatch Pull
Hang Power Snatch
Overhead Squat
Back Squat
Behind the Neck Power Jerk

L 4 – 95/65 Add 10# each round if possible.
L 3 – 75/55 Add 5# each round if possible.
L 2 – 75/55 (no lighter options allowed – do the KB complex instead)

The complex is intended to be performed unbroken, that is, without resting the bar on the floor until all 35 reps have been completed. The only acceptable resting position is holding the bar overhead or the shoulders.

Level 0/1

20 Minutes E2MOM
Kettlebell Complex
5 Swings
5 Clean and Push Press
5 Front Squats
5 Swings

Double bells if possible. If single, do all movements on one side before switching.