Friday 11/16/18
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Friday 11/16/18

The holidays are coming! Let’s face it: When life gets hectic, exercise is often the first thing to go. You might be wondering how you can get back into the gym after a lapse in attendance.

Slow and steady wins the race.
If you want to find the time to work out, don’t overwhelm yourself. Start out small and gradually get back to where you were. A small, positive change into your daily routine can take you far in re-creating your good gym habits.

Take advantage of the early morning hours.
The best time to work out is, of course, a time you actually will. With that said, getting up before everyone else does make a difference. Get to the gym before the demands of the day take over.

Build your community.
Habit builds momentum, and momentum builds success. But not disappointing your MVMNT Gym buddy is a great way to get out the door.

Remember your “why.
You matter. Your health matters. When it comes to exercise, knowing your “why” will help you start–and stick to–a routine. Exercise gives us energy to play with our kids or pets or get us through an 8-hour work day. Bust through any barriers that may come your way by remembering your health and sanity come first!

Gym Holiday Hours! And remember, we will be having one class on Thanksgiving (9am) and one class on Black Friday (10am). There will be road closures for the Gobble Jog on Thanksgiving, so please allow yourself some time to get to the gym. The cop will typically let people into the parking lot around 8:30am.

0:00 – 5:00
3 minutes Jump Rope or Quick Feet/Jumping Jack Drills
PVC Drills

5:00 – 12:00
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 20:00
Kettlebell Flow:
Single Arm Row
Single Arm Deadlift
Single Arm Dead Clean
Strict Press
Push Press
Split Jerk (opposite leg back, same side leg forward)
Overhead Reverse Lunge (step back with same side leg as kettlebell)

20:00 – 40:00

Levels 2-4
20:00 – 35:00 (15 minutes)
Work up to a heavy set of 2
Start at about 50% and work up as heavy as you can with absolutely perfect form within the time limit.

35:00 – 40:00
3x E2MOM
10/10 Single Arm Tall Kneeling Press

Levels 0/1
E4MOM (~5 sets but take your time!)
Do not rush the movements, focus on quality.

6/7/8/9/10 Double Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift (stick with the same weight for all sets)
10/10 Single Kettlebell Seated Press
20 Alternating Crab Kicks (SLOW)

40:00 – 45:00
Movement Practice and Workout Setup

45:00 – 55:00


10 Minutes AMRAP

15 Swings
5 Chin-ups (no one may use bands for this workout)

L3/4 – 32/24, Chest to Bar STRICT CHINS
L2 – 24/18
L0/1 – no rx weight, slow eccentric chin-ups if necessary

55:00 – 60:00
Downdog hold, legs up the wall