Friday 1/26/18

Friday 1/26/18

MVMNT is closed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this week for the RKC Kettlebell Instructor Seminar. Thanks for your understanding!

***Saturday in the Park***THIS Saturday, if it’s not raining, meet the crew at Larry Bell Park between the Cobb Civics Center, Cobb Gymnastics and the Aquatics Center at 9:30. Yeah! There’s a track and giant open field for working out back there. We go to the park throughout the year and it’s SO MUCH BETTER with tons of people. Grab your training partner and get there! If you’re questioning the weather, check our FB page for the final word. (But set your alarm no matter what.)

RKC Instructor Certification – We’re hosting the RKC this weekend!! To do so, the gym will be closed all day Friday through Sunday. This certification is no joke and Candidate John needs your support. So show him some love! Unlike the vast majority of coaching/training certifications, the RKC and StrongFirst have a high attrition rate, require you to pass physical and skill tests, and most importantly, evaluate your teaching capabilities.

“In preparing for the RKC, be aware that this is an extremely active and physically demanding course. The current failure rate at RKC certifications can be as high 30% of all who attend. It is necessary to be in good physical condition to make it through this 3-day course.”

Before John can even start the course, he has to pass the Hardstyle Pushup test. Then John has to….

  • Pass the Snatch test that will be administered at the end of the last day of the certification (100 reps with 24k in 5 minutes….this is after three days of never putting the kettlebell down)
  • Demonstrate a mastery of the techniques that make up the foundation of kettlebell training (he must actually pass a skills test)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of kettlebell safety and situational awareness
  • Demonstrate ability to teach (he actually has to teach a person off the street this weekend)