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Ancient Russian weapon against weakness

mario_kettlebell_swingOur kettlebell focused program design is based on the teachings of Pavel Tsatsouline, the Russian kettlebell guru who is responsible for the recent explosion of kettlebell training across America. Pavel has a less-is-more approach to strength and conditioning, and uses the kettlebell for mobility and flexibility training as well as to develop a high level of strength and power.


StrongFirst/Russian Kettlebell Challenge is a school of strength based on complementary opposites:

Strength/Power– Using 2 categories of movements, the low repetition “grinds” and the high repetition “ballistics”, we develop maximal strength alongside explosive power and muscle endurance.

Tension/Relaxation– Tension is used for force production and reduction, relaxation for energy conservation. Too much unnecessary tension and you run out of energy; too much relaxation and you run the risk of damaging joint structures. Both tension and relaxation are used in different parts of the body at different points of each lift. Proper breathwork is taught to maximize recovery between high rep sets of ballistics and to maximize force production during heavy grinds.

Skill Work/Metabolic Conditioning– The StrongFirst/Russian Kettlebell Challenge treats strength as a skill, something to be practiced regularly to increase neuro-muscular efficiency. This kind of training builds strength without bulk, and creates a lean and durable body, able to withstand the intensity of metabolic conditioning (high rep ballistics, or mixed mode circuits).

Stability/Mobility– Proper skill work in the basic StrongFirst/Russian Kettlebell Challenge movements fosters optimal range of motion in the joints, and strengthens the tissues around them for stability.

The RKC class is a great way to jump into cutting edge fitness training without being overwhelmed by a multitude of movements.

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge class uses the kettlebell as the primary tool for developing strength and power. Slow movements like the squat and getup are balanced with explosive movements like the swing and snatch so that you end up with a well-rounded workout and a shredded physique.

Kettlebell Sport

ice-chamber-arnold2Kettlebell sport is the traditional Russian sport of kettlebell lifting. The sport originally evolved from Russian Olympic Weightlifting and military physical training programs. The first official competition took place in 1948, where the lifts were performed for a single set of maximum repetitions. Since that time the rules have evolved, and currently there are 2 main events in KB Sport: the Jerk/Snatch Biathlon, and the Long Cycle (Clean & Jerk).

– The jerk requires you to clean the kettlebells to your chest once, and then jerk them as many times overhead as possible (men use two kettlebells, women use one).

– The snatch is performed by swinging one kettlebell between your legs and bringing it up to the overhead lockout position in one uninterrupted motion. Only one hand switch is permitted.

– The long cycle calls for a clean before each jerk (men use two kettlebells, women use one).

Each movement is repeated as many times as possible, without setting the kettlebells down, for a 10 minute period. Incredible strength endurance is required for each of these events, and mental stamina plays a huge part as well–when the athlete’s body is threatening to give up with a couple of minutes left on the clock, the mind’s ability to push through the pain to eke out the last few reps is critical.

KB Sport is growing in popularity here in the US, thanks to the efforts of Valery Fedorenko and the World Kettlebell Club, which now regularly sanctions competitions around the country.

We offer a month-to-month, cancel anytime kettlebell only membership. All kettlebell classes are included with the purchase of any regular membership.


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