Wednesday 9/4/19
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Wednesday 9/4/19

Are you following us on Instagram? Here, Mario talks about DOMS and how we should view it in our fitness routine.

Do you have a spare 20 minutes? I promised to post this yesterday, but life got in the way. If you were here last weekend for MVMNT Mobility (Sundays at 11:30 a.m. 👀), this is a loose rundown of the stretching part of the class:
➡ Standing Forward Fold (bend your knees until you can touch the floor), 1min (ex.)
➡ Lunge – hands on thigh, 2min x R/L (ex.)
➡ Butterfly, 2min (we’d like your feet a little further away from your body, so your forehead lines up with the bottom of the feet). (ex.)
➡ Seated Straddle legs with Side Stretch, 2min x R/L (ex., your elbow can go on your thigh)
➡ Seated Straddle (Wide legged forward fold), 2min (ex.)
➡ Sphynx pose with shins up the wall, 3min (ex.)
A little bit of mobility every day does not go unnoticed by the body.

0:00 – 12:00
Super Dynamic Warmup/Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 20:00
Bench Prep:
Chest/Tricep muscle activation drills
Lumbar arch/Glute activation
Technique review
Warmup sets


Levels 2-4

20:00 – 35:00

Bench Press
Spend 15 minutes working up to a heavy double. This should take 4-5 sets.
Be diligent! 15 minutes goes by quickly–you won’t get any extra time to finish. Get to your heaviest set within the time cap. 

35:00 – 40:00

Then, within five minutes, perform the following number of Bench Presses at 75% of bodyweight (or 80% of your heavy double–go with whichever is the lower weight) in AS FEW SETS AS POSSIBLE.

L4 – 20 reps
L3 – 15 reps
L2 – 12 reps

If you were able to hit your target reps in one unbroken set last week, then you can and should go 10-20# heavier (but you should also aim to increase your top double). If you still haven’t hit that number in one set, then stick with the same weight (75% bodyweight) until you can.

Obviously the goal is to complete the reps in one set. But you should NOT fail any reps. If you can’t get them all unbroken, just rack the bar and do another set after resting a minute, until you’ve hit your required number. Ask your training partners to make sure you connect the bar to your sternum each repand keep you honest. If you can’t keep your feet planted, your back arched and lats engaged, ask your coach how to address the issue: T-spine/shoulder mobility work, bench pressing technique practice, or just sucking it up. No participation trophies here, this is training for grownups: if you do the work, you get the credit; if you don’t, you know what you need to do. 

Level 1

20:00 – 35:00

5 sets
8 Double Kettlebell HIP BRIDGE Floor Press (increase weight each set if possible)

35:00 – 40:00

2 sets
12 Floor Presses (use a little more than half of your heaviest set)


40:00 – 45:00

Technique practice:
Kettlebell movements
Animal movements

45:00 – 60:00

“Better for Some”

All Levels

60 seconds kettlebell flow:

Rotational Clean
Rotational Press
Crossback Lunge
Repeat on the other side

60 seconds calisthenic superset:

4 Inchworm Push-ups (standing forward bend, walk hands out to plank, push-up, walk hands back, stand upright, repeat)
8 Alternating Jumping Lunges (4 per side)

60 seconds rest.

L4 – try to work up to a 24/18k
L2/3 – start light and work up
L1 – can sub NON-rotational movements if necessary; do not worry about the weight, start light and stay light unless the movements are really easy for you