Wednesday 5/1/19

Wednesday 5/1/19

PURE STRENGTH CLASS: Are you tired of burpees? Do you wanna get swole? You’re in luck, because John will be starting a Pure Strength program. The first class is May 6th, 7 p.m.

If you come to this class, you MUST be registered for the Basic Barbell course. Basic Barbell is a crash course in all things barbell! How to properly unrack a barbell, how to spot correctly, how to perform the lifts in a technical and proper fashion…. The skills covered in the Basic Barbell course will stay with you throughout your gym career.

👉 May 11, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. The class is $25 (use the code MEMBER50 for your discount). Register here.

Basic Barbell will also happen the Saturday after our Level 2 tests. Once you pass the level 2 test, you must take Basic Barbell to officially complete the Level 2 requirements. Not only do we need our Level 2’s to properly perform the barbell lifts, but we expect them to know how to spot correctly for the safety of our other members.

Pure Strength classes will run on Mondays and Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. You will receive one day of additional programming that you will perform on your own during Open Gym time. There’s PLENTY of Open Gym time for you to complete this work (Gym schedule here, click on Open Gym tab). If there’s a class going on, just be respectful of their space. Classes always have priority over the platforms. But 90% of the time, you will have space and a barbell to complete the additional day of programming.

This program is included in your Functional Fitness membership. You’ll RSVP for this class through Triib just like any other class.

If you have a friend interested in getting swole and sexy with Pure Strength, they’ll register for Basic Barbell (if you’re curious, the member discount code is not for them to use). And then they’ll need to email Mario at to officially register for the class.
We put a lot of information out in an email this week. If you’re not currently subscribed, you can subscribe here!

0:00 – 5:00
Instructor led Jump Rope warmup

5:00 – 15:00
Instructor Mobility

15:00 – 20:00
Strength explanation/prep

25 minutes (20:00 – 45:00)

Spend FOUR secounds lowering down to the bottom, hold for TWO seconds at the bottom, EXPLODE up to standing as fast as you can, ONE second reset at the top. PERFORM EACH REP AT PRECISELY THIS TEMPO or you will have to go down in weight.

5x E5MOM

Level 4

5 Press at 115/75#
5/5 Half Kneeling Windmill Side Press (20/16)
12 Dips

Level 3

5 Press at 105/65#
5/5 Half Kneeling Windmill Side Press (18/14)
10 Dips

Level 2

5 Press at 95/55#
5/5 Half Kneeling Windmill Side Press
10 Dips

As always these are suggested weights. Tempo training should make light weights feel much heavier. Make sure to note how difficult/easy it is for you so that next week you can make appropriate adjustments. Remember the purpose of this training is to see how perfectly you can execute each lift, NOT how much weight you can heave overhead.

Level 1

5 Double Kettlebell Press
5/5 Half Kneeling Windmill Side Press
10 Box/Bench Dips

45:00 – 50:00
Workout Prep

50:00 – 60:00


Levels 2-4

10 minutes for Quality

Ladder: start with one rep of each movement and continue up the ladder until you have to break up a set; then start back over at 1, until the 10 minutes is up.Ā Hold yourself to the highest standard; your performance is forĀ yourĀ benefit, no one else’s.Ā For Toes to Bar, if both of your feet don’t touch the bar at the same time, you have failed the rep, and that means you start back over with one rep of each movement.

Toes to Bar

L4 – 32/24
L3 -28/22
L2 – sub 2x Knees to Elbow (kipping) OR Hanging Knee Tucks (controlled, with a pause) if necessary (so 1 swing, 2 HKT; then 2 swings, 4 HKT; etc)

Level 1
5x for Quality

15 Swings
10 Hanging Knee Tucks (controlled with a pause at the top)/Situps