Wednesday 4/24/19

Wednesday 4/24/19

0:00 – 5:00
Instructor led Jump Rope warmup

5:00 – 15:00
Instructor Mobility

15:00 – 20:00
Strength explanation/prep

25 minutes (20:00 – 45:00)

Spend FOUR secounds lowering down to the bottom, hold for TWO seconds at the bottom, EXPLODE up to standing as fast as you can, ONE second reset at the top. PERFORM EACH REP AT PRECISELY THIS TEMPO or you will have to go down in weight.

5x E5MOM

Level 4

5 Press at 115/75#
1/1 Getup (28/22k or heavier)
20 T-Pushups

Level 3

5 Press at 105/65#
1/1 Getup (24/20k or heavier)
18 T-Pushups

Level 2

5 Press at 95/55#
1/1 Getup
16 T-Pushups

As always these are suggested weights. Tempo training should make light weights feel much heavier. Since this is the first week, DO NOT go heavier on the barbell (lighter is ok if necessary), but note how difficult/easy it is for you so that next week you can make appropriate adjustments. Remember the purpose of this training is to see how perfectly you can execute each lift, NOT how much weight you can heave overhead. Likewise for the getups, if the suggested weight is beyond your capacity, GO LIGHTER–you will wreck yourself if you try to force a getup; but understand that you should be able to hit those numbers in time if you train diligently.

Level 1

5 Double Kettlebell Press
1/1 Getup
10 T-Pushups

45:00 – 50:00
Workout Prep

50:00 – 60:00

10 minutes for Quality

Levels 2-4
Ladder: start with one rep of each movement and continue up the ladder until you have to break up a set; then start back over at 1, until the 10 minutes is up.

Alternating Kick Throughs
Goblet Squats

L4 – 32/24
L3 -28/22

Level 1
8 Alternating Kick Throughs
8 Goblet Squats