Wednesday 12/7/16

Wednesday 12/7/16

Rock the Vote.

We will present superlative awards at the Christmas Party this year. Voting starts today. At the front desk, you’ll find each of the categories shown above along with some old fashioned pen & paper. Cast your vote for any gym member you think is deserving. You have less than 48 hours to rock the vote.

Gym Comedian – Goes without saying.

Silent Ninja – The person that gets in, gets it done and doesn’t say much. In and out of the gym like a ninja.

Most Burpees Owed For Being Late – All of a sudden this person is on time this week. Shocking.

Dynamic Duo – Any two people, spouses, inseparable friends, fam, etc. that are attached at the hip, support each other, make each other stronger.

Most Likely to Bust a Move – Don’t just stand there. Someone who might break into dance, song, a goof ball, raises the energy, gets everyone’s attention.

Spirit of the Gym – This person embodies movement. They train consistently, has a great attitude, makes you want to work harder, the backbone of our MVMNT community.

So if you’re thinking about skipping the party, keep in mind you just might be up for an award. And don’t worry, Kayne won’t run up on stage and steal it from you.


Read – Ramble On – Random Thoughts on Training from Jim Wendler. A selection of my favorites but it’s all gold:

We no longer train to be just physically strong – we train so that we are strong people. The armor of our bodies is nothing compared to the strength in our mind.

The best training book you will ever read is your training journal. Keep one.

The biggest mistake beginners make is taking advice from other beginners.

I see no negatives to a man squatting 500, doing 20 pull-ups and running a 6:00 mile.

Before you learn how to lose weight, figure out how not to gain it.

You have the right to an opinion. You have the right to express that opinion in the appropriate forum. You also have the right to be shown to be an asshole.

Discipline is much more important that motivation.

Work on your weaknesses but exploit your strengths.

**Balance in training doesn’t equal time spent.**

Pass on physical culture to your entire family.

Strong legs, strong back, strong grip and strong lungs = stronger than most.

Someone once told me that there are no bad training ideas. They are wrong.

The stronger you get, the harder training becomes.

Sprinting up a steep hill several times is the most inexpensive therapy you’ll ever receive.

Not every workout should be a physical challenge – but they all should lead to one.

And from Date Tate to Jim Wendler to You:
• You don’t know everything – admit it and ask for help.
• Wings are never a meal; they are an appetizer.

Watch – If I Had A Heart. Creepy but appropriate…


Run to Sessions 2x
Hip Mobility Series

Kettlebell Warmup: 3x
5/5 Halos
10 Alternating Swings
40 Yd Bottom-up Walk R/L
5 Pause Goblet Squats (3 second descent, 3 second hold at the bottom)
5 Downdog Push-ups


“Rista Blodörn”

Run 400 Yd
25 Push-ups
50 Double Unders
25 Toes To Bar
50 Overhead Lunges (in place, NOT walking)
25 Toes to Bar
50 Double Unders
25 Push-ups
Run 400 Yd

L3/4 – 45/35
L2 – 25/15
L1 – goblet lunges (14/12), 125 single unders per set, v-ups