Wednesday 12/16/15

Wednesday 12/16/15

 #mvmntwintersocial2015 goes down in a few short days. In order to allow everyone to fully enjoy themselves, the gym will be closed on Sunday.  

MVMNT Winter Social: This Saturday at 7 pm. Stay for hours or stop by for minutes. Either way, come experience a few double takes when you see your gym buddy in regular their festive attire. (Dear 6 am, Cope could use your recommendations on appropriate holiday garb.) Don’t forget to bring a dish or treat for sharing! 

MVMNT Tribe: Find out if you are above the line on Saturday. Please be ready to start making attempts by 1 pm. 

This Saturday: Since the Tribe is maxing out, the gym will be open much longer. Feel free to come by for Open gym anytime from 10:30 am up until 2pm. 9:30 am class is a go too.

Our holiday schedule kicks into effect next week. 

Dec 24-6 am, 9 am, 12:15
Dec 25-Closed
Dec 26-9:30, 10:30
Dec 27-11 & 12
Dec 28-30: 6 am, 1215, 6 pm
Dec 31, 6 am & 1215
Jan 1-Closed
Jan 2-Regular schedule resumes
Local Celeb: PrettyStrong Powerlifter & MVMNT Artist, Leslie Leonard, doing big things!! WABE’s City Lights is doing a series on illustrators who work in the legal field. This story about a local forensic artist aired today (…/gbi-forensic-art-passed-down-georgia…), and on Wednesday, Leslie will be talking about medical legal illustration – tune in to 90.1 around 11:25am if you want to listen! You can also access the live stream at or via the WABE/Public Broadcasting Atlanta mobile app (

Read-How To Get Out of a Funk from Lift Big Eat Big.


Speed Ladder
Hip Mobility Series
10 Downdog Push-ups



60 sec
Row for max avg Watts (dampers set between 4-6 for EVERYONE)


20 yd Heavy Sled Push (not so heavy that you’re moving slowly)

***PARTS A and B will overlap: you should do a couple of sled pushes between each row attempt


Ab Complex