Wednesday 12/19/18
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Wednesday 12/19/18

We are accepting donations for Must Ministries Bring by some warm clothes, socks, blankets, or cans of food to the gym (see a donation list here). We will deliver all donations to Must Ministries to help those in need.
Tis’ the season for giving back!

MVMNT Holiday Social When we come together, we aren’t just stronger. We’re able to share our kindness, our time, our wisdom, our community. We’ll be better, kinder, stronger human beings.  We’d love to see you this Thursday night at 7pm at Two Birds Taphouse on the Marietta Square. We are cancelling Thursday’s 6:30pm class and Friday’s 6am class to allow Coach John some time to recuperate.

Journaling Idea Write down something you’d like to improve about your life in the center of a page. Draw lines extending out of it with ideas of how you will work to solve it. Distinguish all that intelligence with pens in different colors to correspond to different emotions and intentions.

0:00 – 5:00
3 minutes Jump rope or Quick Feet/Jumping Jack Drills
PVC Drills

5:00 – 12:00
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 17:00
Kettlebell Floor/Side Press Warmup
5/5 Quarter Getups
5/5 Half Kneeling Windmill Side Press
Side Press

17:00 – 40:00

Levels 2-4

5 Barbell Floor Press
5/5 Kettlebell Side Press
10/10 Side Plank Plate Reach

Level 1

5 Kettlebell Floor Press
5/5 Half Kneeling Windmill Side Press
10/10 Side Plank Plate Reach

Level 0
Follow individual instruction from your coach.

40:00 – 45:00
Movement Practice and Workout Setup

45:00 – 55:00

(10 minute cap)

Levels 2-4
20-15-10 Burpees
10-15-20 Alternating Kettlebell Dead Snatches

L4 – 24/18
L3 – 20/16
L2 – no rx

Level 1
10 Burpees
10 Alternating Single Arm Swings

Level 0
per coach’s instructions

57:00 – 60:00
Tabata Squats (3 minutes)
6 sets – 20 seconds max reps followed by 10 seconds of recovery