Wednesday 1/24/18

Wednesday 1/24/18

Russian Kettlebell Challenge – As a reminder, the gym is closed Friday-Sunday. The cert is getting started earlier than we thought on Friday morning. So, no 6 am class. Sorry for that glimmer of hope yesterday. HOWEVER, weather permitting, we are headed to the park for Saturday’s class. Larry Bell Park behind the Cobb Civic Center, adjacent to Cobb Gymnastics. Park near the playground and you’ll see us by the bleachers. Check FB for any updates for the park.

Weightlifting 101 & 102 – Every Tuesday evening in the month of February with Lyndzey Dare.

  • 101 for Levels 0-2 @ 5 & 6 pm. Each hour is limited to 4 people. Builds on January’s snatch cycle and focuses on YOUR individual sticking points.
  • 102 for Levels 3-4 and seasoned Level 2s (must get permission from a coach) @ 7 pm. Limited to 6 people. Dial in technique, put real weight on the bar and prepare for the Open.
  • $100 for the whole month (ie peanuts)
  • Sign up on the Mind Body app under Events & Testing!!

Read – How to Get, Keep & Be an Awesome Workout Buddy from Whole Life Challenge. A few of my favorites:

3. Accept Comparative Strengths and Weaknesses

If you’re in a partnership where one partner always “wins,” and one always “loses,” then it probably won’t last. Engage in a diversity of activities that allow each partner to shine. Maybe one person is a faster runner, while the other can do a bodyweight bench press. Do both. Be willing to accept defeat, and learn from each other’s strengths. Be willing to compromise, as well. If there are some activities your workout buddy just cannot or will not do, you may have to go it alone sometimes, and that’s okay.

6. Set a Vision Together

When you start your workouts, discuss your previous performance on similar workouts. For example, if you’re running a 5km distance together for the first time in a while, discuss your previous best time, how you’re feeling on the given day, and whether you think you can set a personal record. Making a commitment to try your hardest on the spot is a powerful thing.

Own your role in praising your workout buddy for an outstanding performance, whether it was showing up despite a difficult week or comparing your first day of working out together to what your buddy is able to accomplish a year later.

12. Let Others In

The goofiest thing about partnering up for workouts is that this often allows more people to approach you both. Instead of other gym-goers just seeing you constantly in the alone zone, they now see you as someone socializing and taking workouts to the next performance level. Avoid being so exclusive or walled off that you fail to socialize with the rest of the gym. Let your partnership be something that allows further connections and inspiration….

….Speaking of which, if you’re not getting into the gym Monday nights to sit in Coach Mario’s powwows, you’re truly missing out. “It’s not about motivation, it’s about self-discipline.”

Speed Ladder
Hip Mobility Series
10 Down dog Push-ups
5 x 1/1 Turkish Getups


“Les Revenants”

10 Rounds AFAP
30 minute limit
Alternate exercises with a partner (both teammates will do each exercise 5x).
The barbell is on the floor, not in the rack.

Levels 3/4

200 Yd Run
16 Front Rack REVERSE Lunges (alternating)
24 Heavy Swings

L4 – 135/95# Barbell, 32/24
L3 – 115/75# Barbell, 28/22
L2 – 75/45# Barbell

Levels 0/1

200 Yd Run
16 Alternating REVERSE Lunges (Goblet if possible)
20 Kettlebell Swings

The way this works is, for example: Joseph will run out the door for the 200 yard run and when he gets back, Cope will clean the bar and perform 16 alternating lunges, then Joseph will swing the kettlebell, then Cope will head out the door for the run, etc. until they go through that sequence as a team 10 times (each person will only do each exercise 5 times).

If anyone doesn’t have a partner or because of modifications needs to work alone, then rest a minimum of 30 seconds between exercises.