Tuesday 9/10/19

Tuesday 9/10/19

POWERLIFTING @ MVMNT Strength class will move from Mondays and Thursdays and transition to Mondays and Wednesdays (at 7:30 pm) … AND Saturdays at 2:30 pm. On Sept 21st (that’s 2 Saturdays from now), we’ll have a strength kickoff class. You can meet Becci, the new strength coach, and get an idea on the nature of her class and what you can expect to learn.

Becci Holcomb works and lives in Marietta and has been powerlifting since 2013. More on her tomorrow, but let me introduce you to some of her best equipped lifts:
Squat – 661 lbs
Bench – 402 lbs
Deadlift – 597 lbs
*mic drop*

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0:00 – 15:00
Run to Sessions
Instructor Mobility

15:00 – 30:00

Handstand Progression

With a partner, only one person working at a time, the other will watch the clock for you.

L4 – 2x 30 seconds face the wall handstand holds
L3 – same as L4 or 2x 30 seconds hold facing away from the wall
L2 – 5 minutes practice: kick up to the wall from down dog and hold for up to 30 seconds
L1 – 5 minutes practice: box assisted inverted pike holds

L4 – 5x 12 face the wall handstand shoulder taps (6 taps per hand)
L3 – same as L4 if you can FTW OR 5x 10 handstand shoulder taps facing out
L2 – 5x 10 box assisted inverted pike shoulder taps
L1 – 5x 20 SLOW plank shoulder taps

C. (time permitting)
L3/4 – freestanding handstand practice on the turf (kick up and try to hold)
L1/2 – hollow body practice (hold for 15-20 seconds at a time)

30:00 – 40:00

Workout Technique review:
Kettlebell Pressing mechanics – forearm position, wrist position, bell path
Kettlebell Dead clean technique – keep bells close to body, get elbows out of the way and back underneath fast
Kettlebell Front Squat technique – elbows point down, not back or out to the side


40:00 – 60:00 (20 minutes)


5 Rounds for Quality and Strength

All Levels

2:00 work/2:00 rest

40 seconds Double Kettlebell Press (may push press or jerk as you fatigue, but start strict each set)
40 seconds Double Kettlebell Dead Clean
40 seconds Double Kettlebell Squat

Remember this is your DELOAD week, so if you want to go lighter, that’s fine–just make sure you work for two whole minutes.

L4 – 2×24/2×18
L3 – 2×22/2×16
L2 – minimum weights: 2×16/2×12 (can go up to L3 weight if technique is good and there is enough equipment)

***this fantastic workout comes directly from the mind of the lovely and talented BJ Gaddour, check out his demo here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/ByAwJ1HlIzM/