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Tuesday 5/28/19

Thank you to everyone who came out to the sweatfest yesterday! We had a great turnout for the Annual Memorial Day Murph workout. It’s always nice when the 6 AM regulars creep out of the darkness and try class in the heat of the day. I know everyone’s quads are going to be wrecked for the next couple of days so I’ve written the workouts with that in mind.



This is NOT the start of a new training cycle! Because of the short week for Memorial Day and with Independence Day next month, we are going to start the next four week program on Monday June 3rd. This week will be more skill work and conditioning; you could call it Georgia heat-adaptation practice.

0:00 – 15:00
Instructor led jump rope (5 minutes)
Joint Mobility/Muscle activation drills (10 minutes)

15:00 – 30:00
Seated Straight Leg Lifts
L-sit practice (boxes, parallettes, rings)
Pike Compression practice (deep high-tension forward bend)

30:00 – 40:00
Double Under Skill work
Movement prep


40:00 – 60:00

“Aquatic Bushmeat”

20 Minutes for Quality reps

Levels 2-4

10 Mountain Climber Push-ups (4 knees + 1 push-up = 1 rep)
10 Alternating Sandbag Over the Shoulder
20 Alternating Lateral Lunges (hinge pattern, load the hip and drive back explosively)
*Jump Rope* (see below for reps)

L4 – 65#(orange tape)/55#(blue tape) sandbag MINIMUM weight, 50 Double Unders
L3 – Same Minimum load as L4, 25 Double Unders (NO EXCEPTIONS – unless you are doing 50, you must complete 25 legit DUs or spend the entire workout trying to get them)
L2 – any load for SB, should make an attempt to work on DUs in this workout: 10 – 25 reps per round

The Sandbag (or Medicine Ball) Over the Shoulder exercise involves explosively heaving the weight from the floor to the shoulder and then letting it fall behind you, turning around and repeating over the other shoulder. To lift the weight efficiently, a power clean movement pattern is advised. This means you should squat down over the implement, attach it to your body with long arms, keep your spine stiff as you violently extend your knees and hips and toss the weight up and over the shoulder.

Please note that the 60 seconds rest between rounds is MANDATORY, regardless of how much energy you have. Sit down, practice deep, controlled, recovery breathing–in through the nose, out through the mouth, using your diaphragm to maximize your lung capacity. If you aren’t tired, meditate on how awesome you are for 60 seconds and then try to be even more awesome the next round.

***ALSO NOTE: if you are Level 2 or higher it is an absolute requirement that you bring a jump rope with you to the gym. Buy one from us or get one online, but have it with you at the gym when we jump rope in the warmup or workout. Your substitution from now on is ONE BURPEE per DOUBLE UNDER (or for the warmup, five minutes of burpees). This is non-negotiable. If you don’t want to do burpees, come back with your rope or come back tomorrow.***

Level 1

10 Mountain Climber Push-ups (2 knees + 1 push-up = 1 rep)
10 Alternating Medicine Ball Over the Shoulder (slam balls are better than wall balls, they don’t roll)
20 Alternating Lateral Lunges (hinge pattern, load the hip and drive back explosively)
125 Jump rope single unders (or 60 jumping jacks)