Tuesday 3/26/19
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Tuesday 3/26/19

Sleep is the best medicine. 

Do you think you got enough sleep this past week? Can you remember the last time you woke up without an alarm clock, feeling refreshed, not needing caffeine? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” you are not alone. Two-thirds of adults throughout all developed nations fail to obtain the recommended eight hours of nightly sleep….


Sleep is perhaps the greatest legal performance-enhancing “drug” that few people are taking advantage of. Obtain less than eight hours of sleep a night, and especially less than six hours a night, and the following happens: time to physical exhaustion drops by 10 to 30%, as does aerobic output; limb extension force and vertical jump height are reduced; peak and sustained muscle strength decrease. Add to this the cardiac, metabolic and respiratory effects: higher rates of lactic acid buildup and reductions in blood oxygen saturation with converse increases in carbon dioxide, due in part to a reduction in the amount of air that the lungs can expire in a sleep-deficient state. And then there is injury risk. Relative to sleeping nine hours a night, sleeping five to six hours a night will increase your chances of injury across a season by more than 200%.


If you’re not seeing the results you expect, what’s your sleep schedule like? Can you give yourself a seven to nine hours window of opportunity for rest every night? If you’re not currently getting it, what would help you achieve that goal?

0:00 – 20:00
Run to Sessions 2x
Instructor Mobility

20:00 – 30:00
Review/Practice skills for today’s conditioning.

30:00 – 55:00

“Elmyr de Hory”

Levels 2-4

25 Minutes E5MOM (5 rounds)

10 Power Cleans
15 Box Jumps
10 Burpees
200 yd Run

L4 – 155/115
L3 – 135/95
L2 – 95/65

You have FIVE minutes to complete each round; your goal should be to have TWO minutes rest between rounds. If you are getting caught by the clock, just do 5 Cleans instead of 10, but keep the other reps the same. Take your time to reset your back between reps on the Cleans. Try to make them look like athletic cleans, like you actually understand the movement. If you’re rushing to get through it you will look like a disaster. You make up your time on the other movements–you should try to get the burpees done in under 30 seconds every round, and keep the run under a minute.

Level 1

200 yd Run
10 Dead Cleans
15 Box Jumps (20 yd broad Jumps)
10 Burpees (or Plank Burpees)

55:00 – 60:00
Calf Stretch, Hip Flexors