Tuesday 11/8/16

Tuesday 11/8/16

Congrats to Clay on leveling up last night! We will hold another Level 1/2 Test next Monday, November 14th, at 7pm.

In case you missed it – This week we start a 4 week Barbell Clean development program. We will be lifting on M/Tu/Th/Fr (except Thanksgiving Day). The goal is to get stronger in the Clean (the Power and Squat variations). To this end we will train Back and Front Squats, Romanian Deadlifts, and Clean Pulls, in addition to Cleans. As always, the focus is on quality execution of the movements, not raw weight lifted. Especially when it comes to Olympic lifts, developing good technique from the beginning will pay dividends down the line. To keep strength up, hit the squats, pulls, and deadlifts hard. When it comes to the Cleans, go a little lighter than your ego wants and make them perfect.

MVMNT Winter Social is coming – December 10th. Get your baby & dog sitters lined up now.

Gobble Jog – Team is up to 21 people! If you’re running, getting signed up ASAP. Race packets will be at the gym available for pickup during Wednesday classes.

Prepare to Clean

Dynamic Athletic Movement

3x (6 minutes)
Overhead Squats
5 Box Jumps

L2-4: use empty barbell (5-10 reps per set, focus on sinking deep in the hips and extending the upper back)
L0/1: use PVC pipe (5 reps, keeping heels on the floor and knees tracking the toes)


Levels 3/4

21 Minutes E3MOM
3 Power Clean + Jerk
Increase load every set until form breaks down.

Level 2
Warmup with Power Clean Progression, then:

3 Hang Power Clean + Push Press (65% of 1RM)
Rest 30 seconds
8/8 Single Arm KB Row

Levels 0/1

5 Kettlebell Clean and Push Press (Single or Double KB)
Rest 30 seconds
5 Broad Jumps
Rest 30 seconds
8/8 Single Arm KB Row
Rest 60 seconds



15 Pull-ups
15 Box Jumps

L4 – C2B pull-ups
L3 – chin over bar pull-ups
L2 – assisted pull-ups if necessary
L0/1 – ring rows