Tuesday 1/22/19

Tuesday 1/22/19

0:00 – 10:00
Quick Feet/Jump Rope 3 minutes
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 30:00

18 Minutes E2MOM (3 Rounds)

The following exercises will each be performed for one minute followed by a minute of rest before moving to the next exercise,
so one complete round is 6 minutes total. For best results alternate with a partner so you have someone to watch the clock for you.

Pistol/Russian Step Ups
Straddle Stretch

L4 – 60 second lateral balance Handstand wall walk (just a few yards), Alternating Pistols
L3 – 45-60 second Handstand (shoulder taps if possible), Box pistols/negatives
L2 – 30-45 second Handstand, Box assisted pistols/negatives
L0/1 – 30-60 second Downdog Hold and practice Kicking up–either on the wall or in open space, High box Step up (single leg balance)

30:00 – 35:00
Workout Prep

35:00 – 60:00


25 Minute limit for all Levels

10x AFAP
(each person performs 5 total rounds)

Alternate each exercise with your partner:

10 Double Kettlebell Thrusters
10 Burpees

L4 – 24/16 (should finish in under 22 minutes), 60 Double Unders
L3 – 22/14 (should finish in under 25 minutes), 30 Double Unders
L2 – no Rx weight, 60 seconds Jump Rope
L1 – sub KB Squats for thrusters, 60 seconds Jump Rope

Partner A will do the Thrusters first, then B will do the Burpees, then A will run, when A gets back, B does Thrusters, etc. So each partner will do 5 total rounds by the end.