Thursday 8/24/17

Thursday 8/24/17

Welcome, Kimberly!


Please join Ivy, Mario and the entire MVMNT Staff in welcoming Kimberly Knipe as the new MVMNT Gym Director of Client Services & Culture.

Kimberly will be taking anything and everything relating to membership, events and community outreach along with coaching classes and personal training.

Kimberly has been training since 2013. She has recently been named the Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach at Life University after working with the Life U Women’s Rugby team since 2014. She has a background in numerous sports including swimming and cross country. She discovered rugby as an undergraduate at Georgia Southern University and has never looked back. She currently plays rugby for the semi-pro women’s rugby team, the Atlanta Harlequins. She travels across the country to play rugby as well as several home matches on the Life U turf field. With a diverse range of interests, she is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist® and holds an M.A. in History from GSU. Additionally, Kimberly is a ACSM-CPT, USA Rugby S&C Level 1, USA Rugby Level 200 Certified Coach, CPR/First Aid, and ActiveLifeRX Assessment certifiied.

Kimberly is passionate about training all levels. She takes a holistic approach to training with an emphasis on mindset and empowerment. Her specialties include novice movers, those suffering from joint pain, power and strength building, sport specific training, speed/agility/quickness training, and recovery. She loves to meet new people, so be sure to introduce yourself!

And most importantly(!!), Kimberly is relieving Ivy of many of the behind the scenes responsibilities she has assumed for the last six years in order for Ivy to focus on her 9-5 career.

We are thrilled to have Kimberly on board and look forward to growing the gym with her!

Speed Ladder (not run to Sessions – everyone who isn’t injured has to do speed ladder)
Hip Mobility
10 Downdog Push-ups
5 x 1/1 Getups


Levels 2-4

Hand Release Hip-Touch Push-ups
200 yd Sandbag Run

L2 – assisted pull-ups if necessary

For the push-ups, when you lower to the floor, remove your hands and touch your hips, then replace them and press back up to the start position. You should remain in a solid hollow plank position, so that your thighs do NOT come down to the floor at any point, and your toes remain on the floor the entire time (no rocking). Also, your chest and hips should come up at the same rate of speed–your hips should not lag behind (no snaking)

Level 0/1

Box Push-ups
Ring Rows
200 yd Medicine Ball Run (blue slam balls only)