Thursday 8/8/19
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Thursday 8/8/19

All Things Barbell! This Saturday is our Basic Barbell class from 10:30-12:30 p.m. You’ll learn all the how’s – how to bench, how to squat, how to re-rack, how to spot. If you’re going to take the Level 1/2 Test on September 3rd, you’ll need to eventually take Basic Barbell to complete your Level 2 journey. OR if you want to take Coach John’s Pure Strength class, no matter what level you are, you’ll need to complete Basic Barbell. (Pure Strength is a mainly strength-building class that takes place on Monday and Thursday nights. You’ll also receive bonus workouts that you can do during Open Gym!)
Register here, member discount code is CHINUP.

What I’m Reading: Nutrition Science is Broken
“… observational nutrition studies are essentially just surveys: Researchers ask a group of study participants — a cohort — what they eat and how often, then they track the cohort over time to see what, if any, health conditions the study participants develop.
The trouble with the approach is that no one really remembers what they ate. You might remember today’s breakfast in some detail. But, breakfast three days ago, in precise amounts? Even the unadventurous creature of habit would probably get it wrong. That tends to make these surveys inaccurate, especially when researchers try to drill down to specific foods.
Then, that initial inaccuracy is compounded when scientists use those guesses about eating habits to calculate the precise amounts of specific proteins and nutrients that a person consumed. The errors add up, and they can lead to seriously dubious conclusions.”

0:00 – 15:00
Super Dynamic Mobility

15:00 – 30:00

Swing/Snatch Preparatory Drills:
Alternate with a partner, monitor each other’s form on these drills

Two Hand Swings (sets of 5)
One Hand Swings (5 per arm) – keep shoulders level, free arm swings out and up alongside the kettlebell, torso should be square on backswing and at lockout, kettlebell should float at the top, body should be rooted into the floor and braced
High Pulls (5 per arm) – basically a bent arm swing where the “float” happens higher than the shoulders
Snatches (5 per arm) – half snatch (recover to shoulder), then if form is good, full snatch


30:00 – 39:00

Workout movement prep
3 steps – forward/lateral/crossback (without mace first, then with mace after curl/tension review)
Review Mace Ballistic Curl, rip/crush tension
Shoulder taps

39:00 – 60:00

7 rounds EMOM (21 minutes)

“Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”

A. 60 seconds continuous work

Steel Mace 3 Step Flow
Perform a ballistic curl switch between each movement.

Right Leg stepping:
Forward Lunge
Lateral Lunge
Crossback Lunge
Left Leg stepping:
Forward Lunge
Lateral Lunge
Crossback Lunge

B. 60 seconds continuous work

5 Heavy Swings
10 Plank Shoulder Taps

L3/4 – Keep your hands on kettlebell while doing shoulder taps (so you’ll have an unstable base of support)

C. 60 seconds recovery work

Deep recovery breathing
30 seconds Figure-4 Glute Stretch OR Half-kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch per side