Thursday 8/2/18

Thursday 8/2/18

Tight wrists, no problem! Our hands tend to stay in the same position while we type on a computer at work – fingers curled and wrists bending slightly. Try the Reverse Prayer Hands at your desk to loosen tight wrists.
1. Bring your hands to a prayer at your heart and rotate your pinkies towards one another. Place the backs of your hands together so all 5 fingernails touch. (If you’re kind of tight, getting the thumbs to touch might not happen).
2. Keeping the fingers together, lower the wrists until they’re at the same height as the elbows. If you start to come apart, raise your wrists where you can keep everything together.
3. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Then shake out your wrists.

Your hands will thank you for this break from the keyboard!

What I’m Reading: NPR –¬†Lawson Craddock’s Amazing Last-Place Finish In The Tour De France

Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility

Review/Practice/Warmup today’s Lifts with your Coach


Note that the reps have increased since last week. You should use the same weight but still get all the reps.

12 minutes

Levels 2-4

10 Barbell Romanian Deadlift
10/10 Kettlebell OR Dumbbell Seated Press R/L
Rest 30-60 seconds between each movement

Levels 0/1

10 Double Kettlebell RDL
10/10 Kettlebell Seated Press R/L
Rest 30-60 seconds between each movement


4x (20 minutes)
40/20 interval
Double Kettlebell Swing, Clean, High Pull
5 yd Forward/Backward Shuttle
Battle Ropes (alternating reverse lunge as you move the ropes)
Handstand Wall Walk Up

L0/1 – eliminate the high pull if it is too challenging, walk up only as high as you can safely support yourself