Thursday 6/27/19

Thursday 6/27/19

I Like Big Goals and I Cannot Lie You have big dreams and goals, but these are not end points. As you progress along the path forward, you will create bigger, better goals. The more you go down the path, the more you realize that it is the journey that is so rewarding…not the end point.⠀

0:00 – 15:00
Instructor led Jump Rope (5 min)
Animal Mobility

15:00 – 30:00

Windmill (quick review – 5 reps each)
– set foot position, rotate into hinge with one leg locked out (ie, windmill)
– weight in bottom hand (
– weight in top hand (mobility/stability permitting)*

Half Kneeling Windmill Press (quick review)
– 5 reps on each side, focus on powerful LAT CONTRACTION

Side Press (quick review)
– from standing with one bell in rack position, rotate into Windmill stance
– brace opposite arm on bent leg thigh
– press kettlebell out of your lat up toward ceiling
– lower bell and repeat

Bent Press*
– setup as for Side Press
– contract lat hard, and push your body down away from the kettlebell
– once you can’t hinge any deeper, begin to squat until arm is fully extended
– your arm doesn’t press the bell out, your arm holds the bell in place while your body lowers
– stand up with weight locked out overhead

*if you cannot safely perform a windmill with weight overhead, then keep working with no weight or with a kettlebell in your bottom hand, DO NOT attempt the Side Press or Bent Press


30:00 – 40:00
Movement specific warmups

40:00 – 60:00


4x E5MOM

Levels 2-4

15 Clean and Push Press
400 yd Run

L4 – 135/95
L3 – 115/75
L2 – 95/55 or double kettlebell

*YOU MUST COMPLETE THE INTERVAL IN UNDER 3:30 OR REDUCE CLN+PP REPS BY 5 FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE WORKOUT (you can cut reps up to 2x, i.e., down to a minimum 5 reps, after that you will need to lower weight as well). If you DO need to cut the reps down you should spend some time after the workout reflecting on whether your ability actually matches the level at which you choose to train–the purpose of the level system is for everyone to train where they are capable of making progress; if you find yourself constantly adjusting workouts to accommodate your weaknesses, perhaps you should spend some time working at a lower level.*

Level 1

400 yd Run
15 Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press (or 10 reps per side with a single bell)