Thursday 3/28/19

Thursday 3/28/19

Surprising Sources of Protein When you think of protein-rich foods, peas probably don’t come to mind – but they pack about 8 g per cup. Here are some more protein loaded picks.
1. Cottage Cheese – Yogurt gets a lot of attention, but at 13 g of protein per 1/2 cup, cottage cheese deserves some of the limelight. Serving Suggestion: drizzle with olive oil and top with fresh basil or pesto and tomatoes for a savory snack.
2. Nutritional Yest – It has a nutty or cheesy taste, and just 2 Tbsp contains 4 g of protein and only 30 cals. Serving Suggestion: sprinkle on popcorn or roasted veggies for a flavorful and nutritious punch.
3. Hemp Seeds – This buzzy superfood packs 10 g of protein into 3 Tbsp. Serving Suggestion: add to smoothies for extra protein and healthy fats, or use to top a salad.
4. Lentils – There are 12 g of protein in 1/2 cup, and lentils cook faster than other legumes, making them satisfying and speedy. Serving suggestion: toss with a vinaigrette and chopped veggies for a simple salad.

For reference: One chicken drumstick without the skin can range from 12-20 g of protein.

via Prevention mag | Apr 2019

0:00 – 15:00
Super Dynamic Movement
Instructor Mobility

15:00 – 20:00
Workout Specific Practice

20:00 – 60:00


3 Rounds:

Jump Rope
24 Alternating Kick Tactical Getups*
10 Swings
24 Body Cleans*
10 Swings
24 Side Plank to Side Planks
10 Swings
24 Speed Skaters
10 Swings
24 Alternating Spiderman Push-ups
10 Swings
24 Y+T’s
10 Swings
24 Alternating Cossack Squats
10 Swings
24 Alternating Single Leg Elbow V-ups*

L4 – 100 DUs, 32/24k
L3 – 50 DUs, 28/22k
L2 – 200 Single Unders, 24/20k
L1 – 150 Single Unders OR 90 Seconds Quick Feet

*substitutes: Unweighted Turkish Getups, Box Squat Jumps, Regular Single Leg V-ups