Thursday 3/21/19

Thursday 3/21/19

Health update from Yours Truly. So one year ago today, I had a stroke. I was in the bathroom at work, putting on my shoes (to go to the gym), and my arm suddenly dropped like a dead weight. It lasted for a few minutes, then I got the use of my arm back. I thought, “Oh man, I should definitely WebMD that to see if I need to schedule a doctor’s appointment soon/see what type cancer I have.” So I walk to my office, sit down at my desk, and I cant recall my password to log in! And then I go to a coworkers office and realize I can’t talk. After a  little bit lot of bit of confusion, I’m in an ambulance on my way to the ER.

A year later, here we are.

I just wanted to use this space to publicly thank EVERYONE who made this possibly traumatic time period, frankly, manageable. In no particular order:
⚪ Thank you to everyone who visited me at the hospital or dropped by my house.
⚪ Thank you to everyone who brought me food when I was back at home. These offerings were undoubtedly better tasting than what I could have manufactured in the kitchen, hands down.
⚪ Thank you to John and Mario for giving me modifications for the workouts. I was afraid to come back because I couldnt *do anything*. But coming back to the gym helped me feel NORMAL again. And having the modifications made the gym accessible. Both John and Mario also visited me in the hospital (though I never saw John at the hospital bc I was getting clots dissolved in my brain by the magic of SCIENCE). Mario has been my trainer since 2011, and I have convinced myself that i was one of the first 10 members who joined Mario and Ivy’s venture into Crossfit – soooo basically a Powder Springs St. OG. Thank uuuuuu
⚪ Thank you to everyone who donated money. Doctors’ bills play a role in about 60% of American’s filing for personal bankruptcy and having donations come in can take stress off you in a time period when you’re not supposed to be stressed.
⚪ Thank you to the staff at Wellstar! This includes Dr. Bill, Amy P, and CeeJay who stopped by even though I wasn’t their patient. Dr. BIll probably owes me bills for all the times I bugged him before or after his workout with my pesky questions xoxo!
⚪ Thank you to Ivy, Hilary, and Emily for being good friends
⚪ Thank you to my ❤ MOM ❤ and my brother!
⚪ Thank you to Chemlink, my workplace of over 15 years! Those poor people see me more than they do their own families during the week.
⚪ Last but not least, thank you to the red Reebok fanny pack that held my heart monitor during that one month.

If there’s anything I have learned from this experience … Sometimes life hands you something that sucks. It’s out of your control. And you have to roll with the punches. You have to go through it. There are no shortcuts.
Secondly, your body is what it is, but it’s still awesome. Be thankful for your body and everything it allows you to experience.
C. Not being able to talk even though you know you know how to talk is CRAZY. Brains are wild.

Strokes are the 5th leading cause of death among adults. If you suspect someone is having a stroke, all you have to do is call an ambulance and stay with them until the ambulance arrives.

Signs of a Stroke – Think FAST
⬜ Face. Ask the person to smile. Does one side of the face droop?
⬜ Arms. Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward? Or is one arm unable to rise up?
⬜ Speech. Ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. Is his or her speech slurred or strange?
⬜ Time. If you observe any of these signs, call 911 immediately (even if the symptoms fluctuate or disappear).

What I’m Reading: Remembering Luke Perry, Who Made An Unreal Fantasy Boyfriend Real Enough

0:00 – 16:00
Run to Sessions 2x
Instructor Mobility

16:00 – 24:00
Review Thruster technique:
(5 minutes light practice)
L 2-4 – Barbell
L 0/1 – Kettlebell

Reset clock (36 minute limit)

“Isaac Jogues”

Level 3/4
On a running clock:

At 0:00
200 yd Run
15 Thrusters

At 12:00
400 yd Run
10 Thrusters (heavier)

At 24:00
800 yd Run
5 Thrusters (heavier)

L4 – M: 95/115/135, W: 65/85/105
L3 – M: 75/95/115, W: 55/75/85

Level 2
36 Minutes E6MOM (6 rounds)

12 Thrusters
400 yd Run

L2 – Double KB (try to do 2x16k/2x12k or heavier if possible), Barbells (M:75+/W:55+)

Level 1

10 Kettlebell Thrusters
400 yd Run
120 seconds Rest

L0/1 – preferably 10 double KB thrusters, or you can do 7 single KB thrusters on each side