Thursday 12/6/18
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Thursday 12/6/18

Training Smart As You Age Back in the day, some of us lifted the biggest, heaviest weights we could find. Or maybe we never missed that 5 mile daily run. Now? Those feats of physical prowess can leave us lying prone on the couch for a few days or walking around with a limp. But never fear, we have some tips to keep you off your back and up on your feet.

1. Listen to your body. Years ago, you might have stuck to your training regiment NO MATTER WHAT. But now, if your body isn’t feeling it, you are allowed to modify exercises and scale appropriately.
2. Be realistic about your weights. That 400# deadlift you got in college that one time might not be a smart number to base your 80% on….
3. Take time to warm up. When you start getting blood into the muscle, each movement afterwards gets a little easier.
4. Walk the plank. We lose some of our stabilizing functions as we age. So tightening our core and strengthening our glutes can help us do crazy fun stuff at the gym, but can also reduce injuries and maybe even help with back pain.
As we age, we can still stay jacked. You just gotta train smart. 😎

Bring a Friend Free Saturdays! If you want to help someone out on their fitness journey, bring them by on Saturdays for our 9:30 workout.

First Drink’s On Us
Our Holiday Social is on Dec. 20 at Two Birds Taphouse. Party starts at 7pm. So drop by, say hi, and meet your fellow MVMNT gym folks in their going-out clothes 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

0:00 – 8:00
Speed Ladder

8:00 – 18:00
Instructor Mobility/Flow

18:00 – 30:00
Workout Prep
-practice the unfamiliar movements (especially landmine and sledgehammer)

30:00 – 60:00


5 Rounds
Start at any station, work your way through all 5 movements.
45 seconds of max effort high quality work followed by 15 seconds of transition:

Bearhug Sandbag Carry (brisk walk, not run)
Power Swings (really heavy–should be difficult to get 9-10 reps in 45 sec)
Landmine Switch Clean and Press
Sled Push (cover as much distance as possible)
Sledgehammer Strikes (ball slams if not)
Rest (everyone rests during the same minute)