Thursday 12/19/19

Thursday 12/19/19

0:00 – 15:00
Run to Sessions 2x
Instructor Mobility

15:00 – 30:00
Review/Practice skills for today’s conditioning.


Barbell Clean Progression
Work through the entire progression at least 2x (as indicated below for your level)

Standing with your feet directly under your hips, hold the barbell with a clean hook grip.

From Tall Position/High Hang:
Dip + Shrug
Dip + High Pull
Dip + High Pull + Footwork transition (quick jump from pulling stance to squat stance)

Muscle Clean (shrug, elbows go out wide then come forward as the bar rolls onto the delts)
Front Squat

Tall Position/High Hang Power Clean
Above the Knee Power Clean
Below the Knee Power Clean
Power Clean (from the Floor)

L3/4 – once through with empty bar, then add some weight and do the entire progression again
(like a partner complex with the emphasis on QUALITY)
L2 – start with pvc, then move to empty bar

Level 1:

5 Cleans (right side)
20 yd Rack Walk
5 Cleans (left side)
20 yd Rack Walk
20 Deadbugs
rest 30-60 seconds

30:00 – 55:00

“Ascendant Shard”

25 Minutes E5MOM (5 rounds)

Levels 2-4

Minute 1: 5 Rack Pause Hang Power Cleans (hold each rep for 2 seconds in the front rack position)
Minute 2: 10 Pull-ups
Minute 3: 200 yd Run
Rest until 5:00

L4 – 155/115, Chest to Bar
L3 – 135/95, at least half reps each set Chest to Bar
L2 – 95/65, Chin over bar

Level 1

200 yd Run
10 Double Kettlebell Cleans
15 Ring Rows

55:00 – 60:00
Calf Stretch, Hip Flexors