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Thursday 11/5/15

Feeling it.

The people have spoken. Costume Contest Winners:

  1. Maggie
  2. CJ
  3. Hilary

Prize packs will be ready for you tomorrow. Honorable mentions go out to Cope, Jason, Annie, and Nayoung!!

Gobble Jog:¬†MVMNT is 13 members strong!! Feel free to join our team (aka make a donation) and come do the 9am workout. We ARE okay with that ūüėČ Or you can get hardcore like Juliana, run the 10k and then come do the workout…Just saying. TMS (I’m told this stands for The Marietta Square) ice skating rink opens Thanksgiving morning. So many reasons to get out and about that morning.

Thanksgiving: 9am CrossFit class
Black Friday: 10 am CrossFit class. All other classes are cancelled.

Whole Life Challenge: Day 48/56

The Drunk Truck is here on Monday. There is exactly one spot left at 6:20 pm. Anyone can get dunked. You can find the sign up on our Events page. 

The battle for 1st & 2nd place is getting even closer and there is a tie for 3rd. We’re almost done. Stay on track and don’t forget to log your points.¬†


Dynamic Athletic Movement

3 Sets
1 Getup per side
5 Down Dog Push-ups
10 Kettlebell Swings


Snatch Practice Complex:

3 x 3 R/L
1 Single Arm Swing
1 High Pull
1 Kettlebell Snatch

5 x 5 
Double Kettlebell Swings 

5 x 3 
Double Kettlebell Cleans 


Levels 2-4
3 x 5 @ 75-80-85%

Level 0/1
5 x 10 
Goblet or Double Kettlebell Squat 


Levels 2-4
5 x 3 @ 75%

Level 0/1
5 x 5 R/L 
One Arm Kettlebell Press