Thursday 10/31/19

Thursday 10/31/19

0:00 – 10:00
Instructor Jump Rope
Instructor Mobility

10:00 – 20:00
Steel Mace Warmup
Slow, controlled movement
Alternate with a Partner

1x through on each side, then switch with your partner (go back and forth until you have each done 3 sets)
Ballistic Curl after each Step

Right leg* Reverse Lunge
Right Leg Forward Lunge
Right leg Side Lunge
Right leg Crossback Lunge
Repeat same sequence on Left leg*

*only the Right leg will move during the first half, the left leg remains where it is for the entire Right side sequence, then on the other side only the Left leg will move

2 sets:
Mace Front Pendulum Practice (about 20 reps then switch)
-with knees soft and midsection braced, hold the mace upside down, keeping hands high up in front of the sternum
-as you swing the mace from side to side, increase the amplitude of the swing until the mace is parallel to the floor at the top of the movement
-same side elbow lifts up, opposite side stays tucked
-perform 5/5 kettlebell halos after each set

2 sets:
***everyone should use a 10# mace for this***

Mace Rear Pendulum Practice (about 20 reps)
-hold mace behind your head, keeping the elbows pointed up and hands close to your neck, try to swing the mace so the globe floats parallel to the floor
-keep same posture as above, knees soft, midsection engaged, ribcage pulled down
-perform 5/5 kettlebell halos after each set


20:00 – 30:00
Workout Prep
-practice the unfamiliar movements (especially landmine and sledgehammer)

30:00 – 60:00

“Inadvertent Pipe Bomb”

5 Rounds
Start at any station, work your way through all 5 movements.
45 seconds of max effort high quality work followed by 15 seconds of transition:

Heavy Kettlebell Dead Clean (really heavy–should be difficult to get 9-10 reps in 45 sec)
Landmine Straight Arm Hip Toss
Sandbag Bearhug Carry (walk back and forth in front of the turf)
Suicides (touch the cone every time you turn: 5 yards out and back, 10 yards out and back, repeat)
Sledgehammer Strikes (ball slams if not)
Rest (everyone rests during the same minute)