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Thursday 1/3/19

The Whole Life Challenge (WLC) begins January 19th (coincidentally right around the time you start forgetting about your New Years Resolutions …) and runs for 6 weeks.

The WLC lets you “compete” against (and with!) other MVMNT gym members to hit a myriad of goals that help you live a strong, healthful life. You can log your day’s efforts on the WLC app or the desktop website, and you can also see how your fellow gym friends are doing!

These are the 7 daily habits the WLC measures:
1. NUTRITION (see below). You select this!
2. EXERCISE: Be active 10 minutes a day
3. MOBILIZE: Stretch 10 minutes a day
4. SLEEP: Sleep for a duration you select, one that leaves you feeling rested
5. HYDRATE: Drink ounces of water equal to your body weight (in pounds) ÷ 3
6. WELL-BEING: Learn weekly practices to help you feel happier and more connected
7. REFLECT: At the end of each day, write briefly about how the day went

There are three nutritional levels to choose from (even vegetarian/vegan options). Kickstart begins by removing the most prevalent inflammatory foods, including bread, pasta, candy, soda, and beer, hitting the high points of improving health without getting overly restrictive. It also introduces good food choices, including meat, vegetables, fruits, and fats from natural sources. Lifestyle adds additional restrictions, eliminating a selection of additional dairy products, grains and starches, sweeteners, fruit juices, and artificial colors and flavors. Performance piggybacks on Lifestyle, eliminating nearly all dairy, starches, alcohols, sweeteners, and grains.

Knowing that I have other gym friends participating in the Whole Life Challenge also making wise, but sometimes difficult, decisions to eat right, drink right, sleep right, etc, gives me that little extra motivation I need to succeed. Do I want to watch another episode of The Office? Yes, I do. But I also know I need my shut-eye and I have to get to bed for the Whole Life Challenge!

6 Weeks. Are you up for the challenge?j!  You can register for our team here:
Today is the last day to get a little discount for your entry fee!

0:00 – 5:00
Jump Rope/Quick Feet Drills

5:00 – 15:00
Instructor Mobility

10:00 – 25:00
10 minutes
Review/Practice skills for today’s conditioning.

25:00 – 55:00

“Circular Pie”
25 minute limit

Please note that for all levels, this workout includes an EMOM component. At the top of every minute, you must stop whatever movement you’re doing and perform the required number of double unders or jumping jacks before you continue with the workout. If you don’t complete them in a minute, start over the next minute. If you suck at double unders, do jumping jacks.

Levels 2-4

Toes to Bar
EMOM 20 Double Unders

L4 – 155/125
L3 -135/95, 10 DUs (ONLY if you can’t string them together)
L2 – 115/75, hang knee tucks, 20 Jumping jacks

Levels 0/1

20 minutes AMRAP
12 Double Kettlebell Swings (or Cleans)
12 Hang Knee Tucks (Ball Up Situps if necessary)
EMOM 20 Jumping jacks