Thursday 1/17/19

Thursday 1/17/19

Last week, The Whole Life Challenge made Forbes Magazine’s list of Top Apps for Success in 2019.
“If you’re going to get one health and wellness app in 2019 this might be the one.”
How fantastic is that?

One of the habits we track during the Whole Life Challenge is Exercise.
THE RULE: Every day of the Challenge, be active for 10 minutes.
When you’re building an exercise habit, routine is your friend. Rather than attempt to slot workouts randomly into your day, pick a time that will work for your schedule every day. This will help the habit to form — and give you a dedicated break from your day-to-day hustle.
Grab a piece of paper and sketch out your exercise plan, day-by-day, for the next week. Write down which exercise(s) you’ll do, and what time you’re going to do them. Then, translate the plan to your calendar, blocking out the time along with the specifics.
Exercise isn’t a hardship if you’re doing something you love. Grab your dog and a friend and go for a walk in the woods. Throw a frisbee with the kids. Take up the challenge of indoor rock climbing. Whatever you choose, know that exercise is so much more than a treadmill and a protein shake.

🐱‍💻 Are you up for the Challenge? Join our Team! 🐱‍👤

Yoga, Sunday Jan 20 @ 11:30am: We’ll be doing a yoga flow followed by 20 minutes of core work. 🧘‍♀️

Krav Maga Self Defense Workshop with Mario is on Saturday, Feb 9 @ 1-3pm. 🥋
Members: $25
Non-members: $40
Be sure to mark your calendars and invite some friends you want to throw around.

TRIIB heads up: In February, we’ll be transitioning from Mindbody to Triib. The gym will have a kiosk where you can check into class and buy merchandise. With Triib, you’ll be able to track your workouts on the website. And when you sign up for class beforehand, you can also see who’ll be there!

0:00 – 10:00
Super Dynamic Warmup
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 30:00

18 Minutes E2MOM (3 Rounds)

The following exercises will each be performed for one minute followed by a minute of rest before moving to the next exercise,
so one complete round is 6 minutes total. For best results alternate with a partner so you have someone to watch the clock for you.

Pistol/Deck Squat
Pike Stretch

L4 – 60 second Handstand Shoulder taps, Alternating Pistols
L3 – 45-60 second Handstand (shoulder taps if possible), Box pistols/negatives
L2 – 30-45 second Handstand, Box assisted pistols/negatives
L0/1 – 30-60 second Downdog Hold and practice Kicking up–either on the wall or in open space, High box Step up (single leg balance)

30:00 – 35:00
Workout Prep

35:00 – 60:00


4 Rounds
45 seconds work/15 seconds transition

Reverse Overhead Wall Ball
Supine Ring Rows
Box Jumps
Landmine Alternating Reverse Lunge and Press
5 yard lateral Shuffle (touch cone with outside hand)
*Rest one minute after completing all 5 stations*