Saturday 3/2/19

Saturday 3/2/19

0:00 – 12:00
Run to Sessions
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 24:00
Partner Warmup Drills

24:00 – 30:00
Workout movement prep

30:00 – 54:00

In teams of four, complete as many rounds as possible in 24 minutes of:

10 Burpee Box Jumps
20 Wall Ball Shots
30 Battle Rope Double Wave Slams (hands should come higher than your head every rep)
“Rest” Station

Teams must rotate stations as a team, with only one team member working at each station. You cannot begin working on your next task until all team members have completed their station tasks and are ready to move one. Thus, you must work as a team, communicate effectively and motivate your teammates to keep moving throughout the 24 minutes. The teammate at the rest station must hold the appropriate weight fully extended overhead. If the load is brought down before your teammates complete their work, all partners must run 200 yards together.

L4 – 2x20k/2x14k
L3 – 2x16k/2x12k
L2 – no prescribed weight, use kbs or med ball
L1 – Medicine Ball

Stretch – couch stretch, legs up wall