Saturday 11/2/19

Saturday 11/2/19


0:00 – 12:00
Run to Sessions
Instructor Mobility

12:00 – 25:00
Partner Warmup Drills

25:00 – 35:00
Workout movement prep

35:00 – 60:00


With a partner:
One person will run 200 yd while the other performs one of the following movements.

Clean Thrusters
Ball Slams
Toes to Bar/Pull-ups

When the running partner comes in, the other partner will head out to run. One round is complete when both teammates have run 4 x 200 and hit every exercise in the circuit. Continue for as many rounds and reps as possible in the time cap.

L3/4 – 95/65
L2 – 75/55 or Double Kettlebells
L1 – Single Bell is ok if necessary, dead clean to thruster, hang knee tuck + jumping pullups
L0 – coach will give you options