Monday 9/23/19

Monday 9/23/19

Are you Training the Transverse Plane

Many people neglect transverse plane movements, a.k.a. rotational and anti-rotational training. They aren’t even aware they are missing this key component. A component that will improve the way they perform during physical activity. A component that comprises of one-third of the way we move… If you aren’t familiar or need a refresher, there are 3 planes of motion – Sagittal, Frontal, and Transverse.

Sagittal Plane: This plane divides the body into right and left sides. Movements in the sagittal plane are flexion and extension, meaning forward and backward or up and down i.e. bicep curl and squats.

Frontal Plane – This plane divides the body into front and back sides. Movements in the frontal plane are abduction and adduction. Any lateral (side) movement i.e. dumbbell lateral raises and lateral lunges.

Transverse Plane – This plane divides the body into top and bottom halves. Movements in the transverse plane are rotational, both internal and external rotation. i.e. horizontal wood chop, medicine ball throws.

How many people do you know who hit the gym and all they do are “glorifying” and “beautifying” type exercises: concentration curls, bench, more curls, bench, squat, deadlift, bench, curls, abs, arms, arms, arms…abs. That’s all good and gravy if you are a bodybuilder or a model…and you just want to look sexy. We see bodybuilders on social and we want to follow their routine and lifestyle. Many of them look good, it’s understandable. But we need to think about how these workouts apply to improving our lives. Sexiness should simply be a byproduct of training, not the focus (unless that’s your J – O – B).

The issue with these glorifying exercises is that you are stuck in the sagittal (and frontal) world. They don’t provide certain crucial real-world strength and advantage that we all need, like injury resistance. We twist and turn on a daily basis, and that’s one of the biggest causes of injury, especially for athletes. So training the transverse plane (rotationally and anti-rotationally) is essential.

If you want to kick ass, literally and metaphorically speaking, then you need to train in the transverse plane. (via Steel Mace Training)

MVMNT, we want you to train to look sexy, yes. But we also want you to train for health, for safety, and for longevity.
pictured: early birds 🐥🐥🐥 via CBF

0:00 – 15:00
Animal Mobility (emphasis on lateral low-gait movements)

15:00 – 30:00
Overhead Pressing prep:
3 x 5
Plyo Push-ups (can be done on knees if necessary)
Ring Face-pulls

Alternate upper body drills with hip extension prep:
3 x 5
Depth Jumps
L2-4 – step forward off a low box, and rebound up onto a taller box
L1 – (same as above OR) step forward off a 6″ box and rebound into a broad jump


Levels 2-4

20:00 – 40:00

Spend about 10 minutes on warmup sets, then in the next ten minutes:

3 supersets
5 Strict Press
5/5 Single Arm Kettlebell Push-Press

– During your warmup sets, do NOT superset with push press, save that for the three work sets ONLY.
– The supersets should be done with the same weight for all three sets, do not increase/decrease the load.
– The kettlebell weight should be heavier than 50% of the weight on the bar, e.g. if you have 135# on the barbell, you should use the 32k/70# (or heavier) kettlebell for your push presses

Level 1

20:00 – 40:00

5 sets (roughly E4MOM)
5 Double Kettlebell Strict Press
5/5 Single Kettlebell Push Press (use the next heavier kettlebell weight)


40:00 – 45:00
Movement review

45:00 – 60:00

Levels 2-4

Alternating Turkish Getup/Windmills (get up to standing, perform the windmill, then get back down and switch sides)
5 Strict Hanging Leg Raises

– Try to bring toes to the bar with straight legs and without leaning back
– SLOW negatives: we want time under tension, focus on strong contraction in the deep core muscles
– Be mindful and methodical; make beautiful movement

Work up to the following weights (only if possible without any sloppiness):
L4 – 32/24, straight legs all the way to bar
L3 – 28/22, straight legs all the way to bar
L2 – 24/16, straight legs as high as possible

Level 1

Alternating Turkish Getups (no windmill unless you are already good with it)
5 Knee Tucks to Leg Extension

L1 – you may lower the legs down fully extended if you want to make it more challenging